Box of Lies with Matt Damon

Box of Lies with Matt Damon

Jimmy and Matt take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Matt Damon

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20 Responses

  1. Vulcan27 says:

    Aubrey Plaza needs to do box of lies

  2. roussille says:

    Matt is so damn sexy

  3. TheAudiotinker says:

    Yay Jimmy you’re so good at lying!!!!…. wait… Lol

  4. walaa fadhile says:

    love u too much jemmy

  5. Kar Diem says:

    I simply love how the 90% of the comments are refering to Kimmel … Also i
    love the feud betwen Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel

  6. jrbship says:

    Seriously Matt? Haha. I wouldn’t put that past Jimmy’s producers, but that
    was a terrible sell

  7. Marto FukcYou says:


  8. Shelly Aliva says:

    Love Matt. ?
    Still waiting for Brad Pitt tho for “what’s in the fucking box?!”

  9. SwitchyVelso says:

    1:25 oh hey it’s keemstar

  10. Marsherria Barfield says:

    Apologies to Matt Damon for losing.

  11. Michael Buttgen says:

    I really, REALLY wish this game would go to three points. It always seems
    to end too soon.

  12. Sophia Nag Rizzi says:

    John Cena could be Mat Damon’s brother

  13. pythagorean743 says:

    Who’s here before this goes trending on YouTube?

  14. Janwah Caban says:

    In Australia we call them prawns

  15. Annie Walker says:

    I thought the dead giveaway with Jimmy’s lie was the audience’s reaction –
    or lack thereof . they would’ve been rollin in the aisles with that one! ?


    I thought the game went to 2 not 1!!!!!!! lies I tell you LIES!!!!!! what
    is real and not I don’t know but if your stupid enough to keep reading this
    which %99 percent of you will because it’s short well hate to break it to
    you but I didn’t lie or did I? now subtract it by 9 and add three and if
    your still reading this your probably a trump supporter and should get a
    job at McDonald’s.

  17. Handy Andy says:

    This should be a 30 minute regular game show on GSN!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  18. Mauricio Gonzalez Robles says:


  19. maddog 380 says:

    At least one jimmy lets him on the show

  20. Jamie Ambrosius says:

    Obviously Jimmy Fallon has better time management than Jimmy Kimmel