Box of Lies with Scarlett Johansson

Box of Lies with Scarlett Johansson

Jimmy and Scarlett Johansson take turns trying to stump each other about what item is hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Scarlett Johansson

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20 Responses

  1. Sylvie Blu says:

    God she’s so chill

  2. What-If Machine says:

    I’m going to start saying “bake-ed beans” from now on.

  3. dustin blunt says:

    She is Gorgeous! Her Voice is friggin sexy!!

  4. Bob Bob says:

    i like how she really tried at the game

  5. а/б says:

    7:07 out of all of his fake laughs, this one was the worst. Good god, what
    the hell is wrong with him?

  6. Sharell J says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy that dress? it’s lovely!

  7. Jaden Jahci says:

    Truly,…Its really great alot of people love her
    and think she is really sexy and that her
    raspy voice
    is really sexy,…and that they think she’s just sooooooo Hot,…
    I say this knowing that she’s been a hard worker(over worked maybe)
    I think she’s a mess,…and
    extremely unattractive,…she has a “Gollum” thing going on inside her self
    at the moment.
    If you have eyes to see it then you know what im talking about.
    But hey,..
    dont get me wrong,… i love women,…im not a recluse treky or a StarWars
    (I love me some Starwars) or a D&D
    warlock lover,…that secretly envys Scarlett’s physical beauty
    ,..but chooses to hate on her.
    I think its Great that she can be a complete mess on the down low,
    and explore her
    slothful darkside
    while all the while her physical beauty
    along with her high end cover up products by MAC,
    and a name
    like… *”Scarlett”*
    can smoke screen the shallow hypnotized mindless mice
    with there blue collar spunk money that buys the magazines and DVDs with
    her on the cover.
    Which in turn,… allows her
    to keep on raking it in while she explores her darkside
    and becomes itchy and disfunctional while living in her “famegame” high end
    material world
    in real life on the “downlow”.
    Go Scarlett!! Go! Scarlett!!Go Scarlett!!…..(you’ve earned it!)…(They
    Love You)
    You know what they say,…
    “Outa sight,outa mind”.
    So ,….
    “Take it,…To the limit,…One more time” – Eagles
    The Three Blind Mice

  8. gbutler2011 says:

    dear scarlett: you are a very gifted actress and an incredibly beautiful
    woman… why devolve into miley cyrus?

  9. ThisMightBeMe says:

    Forrest Gumby am I right

  10. splashpont says:

    OMG, Jimmy “let” someone else win–a guest, even!

  11. Matthew Hixson says:

    Looking a bit Claire Underwood-ish

  12. Carla Becerra says:

    Traductor. :(

  13. The girl15 says:

    So funny!!

  14. Sharath SH says:

    I feel like Scarlett was waiting for the 3000 points number..

  15. FurkanKhan100 says:

    i am gay but she is making me double think lol

  16. Cassandra says:

    She is so pretty

  17. Skinner Sweet says:

    He he What’s with her hair cut !!!!

  18. jade avha says:

    She nailed every hairstyle! Very gorgeous i love her! :’) 

  19. thomas klitbo says:

    shes not wearing a bra

  20. AradiceSatur says:

    Omg, she’s so happy to see me.