Boxing Servers at a Restaurant!

Boxing Servers at a Restaurant!

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Ross @CreationsRoss



0:00 Legend
0:02 Are you going to hide it
0:25 I know you
0:53 These houses are so pretty
1:50 I can’t decide what side

3:11 Boat day
3:39 New video
3:54 Wearing Boxing Gear to a Restaurant and
When The Server Asks if I Want a Box I Throw
Them Gloves
10:28 Survival island
11:25 Sneak peek
11:41 Outro

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47 Responses

  1. Vlog Creations says:

    Go leave a good review for the cool restaurants 🙂
    Food + Beer
    4808 14th St W, Bradenton, FL 34207
    Tom’s Bad Ass Bar & Grill
    312 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205

  2. earthian11 says:

    I feel bad for the woman working at the last restaurant. She was smiling and enjoying it until the party pooper of a manager came to ruin it. Ross pulled it off really well, it’s not easy to hold your anger in over that lol

    • Horenzo Dipartendo says:

      That manager is a dork

    • green tea 23 says:

      You guys are literally destroying a business because they wouldn’t allow a boxing match in the dining area. You don’t realize how much a Google rating means for a restaurant. Ross should tell his fans to stop.
      Edit: I’ve checked 3 mission bbq in that area and all of them have dozens of one star reviews from people that have never even been there. You people should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

    • lust says:

      @Adam J Smith just because there is many doesn’t make it not weird, look at the my hero academy fan base..they are weird and a lot of them

    • cxoolio says:

      @Anonymous Reviewer More than likely just a manager who hates his job and has nothing else going for him so he holds contempt over “Influencers/pranksters” making tons of money off doing what they enjoy so he decided to ruin the vibe

    • Chewy99 says:

      @Matt Frenden nah more like central Florida. He don’t really go to south Florida or the Keys.

  3. Apollyonn says:

    I love how the waitress is completely uncomfortable but then the hype man shows up and is like “you got this” and starts sliding the gloves on their hands and they are like “huh I guess I do”

  4. Not Even Wrong says:

    Ross:”Do you want free advertisement for your restaurant?”
    Clueless manager:[DOES NOT COMPUTE]

  5. Bricksquad1017 says:

    The response time between him and her saying “do you want a box or anything” is so unbelievably funny oh my god lmao

  6. chrikke says:

    that restaurant manager is a serious party pooper. He ruined a perfect advertising opportunity, and the opportunity to just create some good energy around the store. Literally no customers would get annoyed at this.

  7. Jesus Omega says:

    Imagine the owner of the last restaurant watching his employees deny a huge free advertising opportunity when most the people in there are with ross they leave you’re back to 2 customers lol

  8. Random Letters says:

    Lmao that last restaurant didnt take it so well, I feel like bar and grill places have a way more laid back crowd for jokes like that to land well.

  9. itsZaque says:

    I hope that last deadbeat manager sees this video and realizes how funny and wholesome the fight could have been after seeing how well the other restaurants took it. It’s funny, harmless and free advertising.

  10. The guy with a bad mic says:

    The first one was 100% the best. Even more so because the manager knew what’s up. The girl was so sweet too! Love how she still apologized even tho your told her to hit you lmao.

    • NcSloanGaming says:

      @JustMamba I thought he was at the crunch fitness gym next door and came for lunch after I think I was being to much of a fan boy. However after it I was like I should’ve known lol

    • JustMamba says:

      @NcSloanGaming I love how you said I don’t want to bother him while he’s eating. Meanwhile he’s wearing a robe, boxing shorts, a camera haha
      I’m sure you had to know he was up to something lol

    • NcSloanGaming says:

      @Daniel Brockman I was the manager on duty in the first fight skit and had no idea Ross was shooting a video

    • Daniel Brockman says:

      @NcSloanGaming huhhhhhhhh

    • NcSloanGaming says:

      Actually I had no idea I was fan boying over Ross! Lmfao it was a great day!!

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