Boyfriend Makeup Battle

Boyfriend Makeup Battle




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29 Responses

  1. Helen Landing says:

    Ryland, a+ for a first go without a doubt it’s very good?. SHANE!!!! WOW you have got so good in such a short time, I loved that eye look ?. Morgan, you look so glam, beautiful look ?

  2. Grande_Fan_ 2018 says:

    Morgan is beautiful with and without makeup! Wow. Victoria Secret models are SHOOK TO THE CORE!

  3. Kayla Ohnesorge says:

    shouldnt the title of this video be fiancé makeup battle? i love yall

  4. Regina Getter says:

    Not gonna lie Morgan’s look was actually really fcking good… They all were.
    Idk can it just be a tie? Lol

  5. Tomas Hajek says:

    I’m so happy to see Shane not putting the same eyeshadow all the way from the lash line up to the eyebrows anymore. He really is learning ?
    8:41 MORGAN! ??????

  6. Charlotte Yeo says:

    How are both of you better than makeup than i’ll ever be ?❤️❤️❤️ cant wait to see shane’s collab w jeffree!!!

  7. MusicAnimeAddiction says:

    I think that Shane did amazing and his progress is soooo quick, I love it! But I think that he should consider his eyeshape because that is the only issue with this look (when his eyes are closed it’s gorgeous but when he opens them it looks a little worse) ❤️❤️

  8. Tracy Gordon says:

    You all smashed it, Shane your progress is amazing, ryland your glam was gorgeous and morgen always is sickening ⚡️?♥️?

  9. Jaden Frost says:

    Your ring is too big!! its going to fly off

  10. Nevaeh Diaz says:

    I’m living for Morgan makeup sheeeeee looks ?

    • Panicked Animatics says:

      She looks drop-dead gorgeous like all the time (teach me your ways)

    • Jesus Chavira says:

      I want to see James or Jeffree give her a full makeover, she should definitely do more beauty videos since she looks stunning with a full beat

  11. Meredith A says:

    Morgan: Favorite overall. Mostly because hers is so versatile.
    Ryland: Favorite everyday look.
    Shane: Favorite bomb ass party look!!
    I wish I was the goddess that Morgan is. STUNNING!! ❤❤
    My sister is also named Morgan.

  12. Charmant says:

    Morgen looks so good! She’s the best of you all ?

  13. Nikki Kay says:

    I keep seeing comments about Shane’s voice changing.
    I could be wrong, but I think Shane’s voice changed when he started posing with his makeup moment because it made him feel soft and sexy. When I put my full glam on, I always feel transformed and confident and somewhat seductive.
    Let him have his moment! ???

  14. Billnyeyourmomsaguy Hurd says:

    1-Shane killer
    2–Morgan like a queen as usual
    3-ryland but good for first try just to much lip gloss

  15. D'Koda Jane Ridding says:

    Shane honey don’t let ANYONE tell you how to do your makeup
    It’s a personal preference xx

  16. MUSICAL MEME says:

    Shane’s makeups name: Galaxy Grande
    Rlyands makeups name: Shiny Soul
    Morgan’s makeup’s name: Goldey liner
    Idk what do u think?

  17. Valia Achtida says:

    Ryland is so supportive of Shane I LOVE THEM SO MUCH SKSKSKKSKS

  18. ElfenNaomi M S P says:

    okay but did anyoe catch shane when he sounded upset by people juding how much foundation he used? like guys seriously give shane a breeak

  19. Aby KitKat says:

    Ryland sis your title is wrong I thought Shane is your fiancé not boyfriend fix it love everyone’s look love ya

  20. Pourya Bigonah says:

    And people thought Game of Thrones would bring the most epic battles this month.

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