Q&A plus Boyfriend plus Lambo equals a whole lotta EXTRA! we finally answer your top questions how we met and everything. we kept it 100! DRAGUN BEAUTY LAUNCHES @ 12 PM PST MARCH 25
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78 Responses

  1. um bye says:

    “I Hired A Boyfriend For A Day”

    Several Months Later: “Boyfriend Q&A”

  2. Cassandra Boulay says:

    Ok but can we talk about Tyga sliding in Nikita’s dms

  3. Eduardo Martinez says:

    I usually catch sarcasm fast but I rly thought she hired him as her bf.

    Lots of likes. Thx for making me feel relevant ??

  4. me me says:

    you like my boyfriend?
    gee thanks, *just bought it*

  5. Samantha Del Mundo says:

    17:46 *my reaction when my bestfriend got a hot man*

  6. XMTVsReality says:

    Ok but…
    Survivor needs to do a blood vs water 3…cause sis

    Nikita and Michael..?


    • derpyderpchar says:

      XMTVsReality honestly I 100% agree but I’m not sure Nikita would last out there. Micheal was also really entertaining so if they both make the merge of this season (if it actually does happen with both of them in it) it’ll be fun to see that dynamic of Nikita and Micheal

  7. Heather Duffy says:

    Nikita, girl, you know damn well Springfield isn’t in the middle of nowhere ? put some respek on it

  8. Paula Blue says:

    Springfield is not the middle of nowhere it’s right outside DC?

  9. MoonPrincess X says:

    Wait so there actually dating ? Cause I’m so confused LMAO

  10. Shaon Jones m says:

    His body language alone says he isn’t interested

  11. Enni Pajunen says:

    Ive seen too many times her faking bf’s so.. I AIN’T TRUSTING THIS EITHER

  12. Ghostboyss says:

    Why’s he look like Andrew (Dr.Deluca) from Grey’s Anatomy

  13. Gabrielle Morales says:

    James’ complexion is like Edward Cullen compared to Nikita lol

  14. Арина says:

    I really like the pastel purple with the hologram belts….looks nice

  15. Juliza Juarez says:

    He looks like the Facetuned version of Zane Hijazi

  16. tim says:

    15:50 the leech already leeching her mans? damn sis works fast.
    17:27 girl it’s all over the internet. it’s nice, go use google and you’ll have your answer.

  17. Madison Houk says:

    Wait how was she born in the year of the dragon if she’s 22???

  18. Jace Alburg says:

    15:52 Nikita be like gurl did you just touch my man

  19. serendipity says:

    When she said Springfield Virginia I almost pooped my pants. That’s my hood

    • Stephen Gill says:

      When he said, not she. He’s still packing XY chromosomes.

    • Jaxkirsch37 says:

      I graduated high school with her. I like how she said “middle of nowhere” and “she was the only Asian” there are so many Asians in Springfield and it’s also 30 min outside of DC, not even close to middle of nowhere

    • Maria Serrano says:

      Stephen Gill lmao. Good one? I’m sure she’s gonna been all torn up when she sees that.
      I love seeing the incels pop up on EVERY trans video jus to be like “ITS A DUDE”. So you legit just help their careers by clicking on every trans video you see ??
      Like why are you here bro? Curiosity? Guarantee you’ve watched dozens of these.

  20. Raphael Kyle says:

    Okay, but who else was shocked that Laura Lee still exists.

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