Boys Falls Into Gorilla Exhibit

Boys Falls Into Gorilla Exhibit

YouTube video of a boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit at the zoo in Cincinnati.

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20 Responses

  1. Allan Powell says:

    No one should care about the child. clearly it’s own parents don’t

  2. p b says:

    fuck that gorilla, plenty more in every inner city in the u.s.

  3. erniemajor says:

    You murdered Harambe in a moment of panic, as a lawsuit flashed through
    your inept mind! Where are the faceless ‘wild animal experts’ who
    ‘assisted’? Close this zoo, and all the others too, or lock yourselves up
    to see what it’s like.

  4. Legion Obeys says:

    Gorillas are worthless animals that contribute nothing. The person who shot
    this Gorilla should be taken to Gorilla habitats all over the world and be
    paid a high bounty for exterminating these pest, to help make room for more
    useful things like strip mines or oil rigs

  5. CrimzonScythe says:

    If a silverback wanted to kill an infant it would have with no issue

  6. Maam my says:

    If that was my son, I wouldn’t care if they shot every gorilla in that
    enclosure to get my kid out safe. Kid trumps animal every time.

  7. sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

    he tried to give the kid a wedgie at 0:31

  8. mcline007 says:

    I think the zoo sacrificed the gorilla to avoid any chance of bad
    rep….charge the mother ….

  9. John Doe says:

    This was only a few seconds of video. The child was in the enclosure for
    ten minutes.

  10. The Sadistik Kid says:

    Typical Retarded Americans…….

  11. Dylan says:

    Kid deserved it…

  12. atommachine says:

    I think they should still use the tranquilizers on the Parents and give
    them there own Cage!

  13. r barringer says:

    As an adult my FIRST instinct would be to jump in the habitat and distract
    the Gorilla over to me in hopes of saving the child… Gorillas dont eat
    meat so I only could have gotten raped up the ass or something

  14. Yasein Brat says:

    I am wondering if the Gorilla was actually protecting the child? The
    dragging around of the child doesnt look like what we as humans would do
    with our children to carry them around or to get them out of harms way. I
    mean I am no expert on Gorilla behavior but it just seems to me that the
    agitation the goriila was experiencing was from all the people yelling and
    screaming and he was actually protecting the child. If this Animal was
    going to kill or beat the child to death for violating its territory I
    think it wouldve already. We will never know now but it would be
    interesting to get an expert on gorillas to chime in. I do agree that the
    parent should be held accountable for this. All of it could have been
    avoided if the child was being watched and taken care of
    properly,especially at a zoo. Im happy that the child is okay and very
    saddened that this Beautiful animal had to be killed. Im sure it was a
    tough decision. Im not too fond of zoos to be honest,unless its a rescue
    center for abused and abandoned species that need our stewardship and care.

  15. Monsieur Gris says:

    chek this… :(

  16. Larry C says:

    Jesus! KILL da fucking kid instead!!!!

  17. Pat Notneeded says:

    I hope the parents are forced to take responsibility for the death of the
    gorilla. They certainly have failed in their responsibility as parents,
    permitting their child to be loose and enter the cage.

  18. Mike P says:

    imo the guerrilla was protecting the child from mob of screaming humans
    that didn’t have enough sense to stfu. sad that it had to die because of
    the parent(s) neglect. I’m sure the zoo will also do what it should of done
    a long time ago structure wise to prevent kids or adults from doing what
    just happened.

  19. alak dam says:

    fucking human

  20. Chuck Turner says:

    The mother was tending to several other young children also when the boy
    slipped through the railing. It’s impossible to keep an eye on every damn
    kid the whole time.