boys, i have to tell you something..

boys, i have to tell you something..

sorry boys, i still love you all to death tho. lets get this shmoney regardless

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thank you for watching my video you absolute stud, simply by clicking this video you have become 4x more handsome and have increased at least 2 inches in height

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45 Responses

  1. MMG says:

    the boys always got my back, i love you kings 👑

  2. ShreyThatKid_12 0 says:

    Now I’m actually crying looking back at the past 4 years.

  3. vaytor fn says:

    He has to remove kaylee chooses from the wheel! 😩😭

  4. kid clutch says:


  5. Wildebeest30 Gaming says:

    This is why he didn’t care to look at all of the dummy thicc cheeks on tiktok

  6. Jacob Mathis says:

    how awkward is it going to be when he plays wheel of MUT and gets kaylee picks😬

  7. Frank Bello says:

    Guess the dungeon wasn’t strong enough…

  8. Julian Bradley says:

    You should make a second account called papameags69 for highlights and stuff of your twitch streams

  9. Eli Rourke says:

    I’ve watched this 15 times. You guys were really funny together good luck moving forward papa👑

  10. Silver Potato says:

    Damn, actually sad. You two were so good together.

  11. Jack Freed says:

    The dungeon was too good for her anyways

  12. Donovan Hendrix says:

    this beast is literally smiling through all this and still putting content out with a smile on his face #THEBEAST

  13. flxnnxl says:

    Me and my boy literally had a whole argument about how I thought u guys did

  14. VESCS says:

    Dude This literally almost made me cry I’ve been with u sense the way old react vids where u would try to guess the players with emojis and wow u have came so far love u man.

  15. Jade Harden says:

    You gave it away, when you stopped sending her to the dungeon.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  16. YANKEE FILMS says:

    I guess kaylee escaped the dungeon

    (Also who the heck would break up with a 6’5 245 beast????)

  17. Mario Jose Zuñiga says:

    Imagine breaking up in covid-19

  18. Arizona Retardinals says:

    date me papa, i’ll never leave you!

  19. Dawson360 says:

    I’ve had to go through more mag breakups than my own

  20. Apeks says:

    Well I guess I failed to meet you even though I literally live in Grand Rapids. I don’t leave Michigan often, but your really funny and I wish I could meet you. Anyway good luck in Cali I hope you don’t take the breakup hard😁. Much love❤️

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