‘Brace Yourself’: Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice | NYT News

‘Brace Yourself’: Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice | NYT News

Officials in the U.S. and elsewhere fear they’ll face a coronavirus scenario similar to Italy’s soon. Three doctors and a nurse in Lombardy, the region hit hardest by the virus, described what they faced and offered advice to those awaiting the storm.

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108 Responses

  1. Claire Anderson says:

    heart breaking but incredible work by these doctors and nurses

  2. justaliaa says:

    It’s so sad that some people still don’t take all of this serious…

    • George Bogdan says:

      @God you are delusional and you need professional help amigo

    • Dakota says:

      God .12 year old heathy girl just died in Georgia, along with many other new heathy-young severe cases. This is no joke. This virus can take a turn for the worst, never let your guard down, and never underestimate something you can’t even see. Wash your hands, drink water, stay inside.

    • Angelina says:

      justaliaa because it’s not! More people die from the flu,people are dying is those with underlying conditions and they did it to themselves.

    • Malcolm Johnson says:

      @nenavadno He said young people with *good immune systems* . Very young children or immunocompromised children won’t last against this virus

    • Mac Cheese says:


  3. Stay Sharp says:

    We should heed this advice and act accordingly. Best case scenario, we did more than we needed to and got lucky

  4. SuperDea1988 says:

    thank you so much to all healthcare personell, and people stay inside!!

    • VolDep45 says:

      According to this report, 8% of those who had died from the virus were Healthcare personnel!!

    • Boybandhair says:

      It’s hard to stay inside, I still have to work, If I don’t i’ll die from lack of insulin :/

    • H D says:

      We’re under quarantine in DallasTx. I was amazed people were out thrift shopping and not taking things seriously at all today. Personally, I’m loving being at home but i surely need to be. Have a mother who is almost 99yrs old. Must keep the dear one as safe as can be.

    • Boybandhair says:

      @H D Yeah I’m right there with you, thankfully I live out in the woods so I’m away from most. I’m just worried about my grandparents who live out in the city. A lot of my grandfathers work involves him being in close contact with people.

    • Rodney Smart says:

      And people providing food, fuel and information….

  5. jacksonthedoggy says:

    Please take this seriously. Here in Spain a few weeks ago everything was normal and then almost overnight the virus was everywhere. Even now going into our second week of lockdown the virus continues to spread, we haven’t managed to flatten the curve yet with this very strict lockdown. Please everyone, stay home. The hospitals are at a tipping point.

    • Norman Nabatar says:

      @Тамара Белка Then they are genetically engineered mutations or by-products of genetic engineering. In agriculture, we also study genetics, and there are dire consequences during trial and error, which I understand, I library is kept about them. Natural selection would take hundreds, thousands or even millions of years, to take.

      Between 2003 and 2019 are fifteen years. So a mutations occurs every five years. The next one will be in 2024.

    • Erika With a K says:


    • Erika With a K says:

      Тамара Белка it’s already mutated twice since December hello!!!! To an (L) strain and an (S) strain, the L, being the more dangerous of the two, and then of course the standard Covid-19 original. So you have 3 versions of the same virus RIGHT NOW, who’s to say it’s not going to continue to mutate so quickly and WHY is it able to do so? Why is no one making a bigger deal about the fact it’s changed itself twice after it’s original strain… very alarming to mutate in just a few months… new symptoms coming in everyday. We don’t k ow anything and the US doesn’t want to get testing because “the numbers will go up” so we have no tests. 🤷🏻‍♀️ People are dying before they even get to get a test, or while waiting for results. That young healthy woman in Louisiana 😔😔😔 refused to take away from the 5 tests her community had, until it was detrimental, and she died waiting for the results which of course, were positive. Heartbreaking. Her partner found her dead after not answering calls…

    • Norman Nabatar says:

      @Erika With a K Imagine if they let it out accidentally from that lab. Or the DOD decides to experiment. There needs to be something like the IAEA to monitor bio weapons.

    • Eifion Phillips says:

      Tell everyone to take Iodine as recommended by Dr Brownstein as we are all deficient and it can reduce infections. Also, you can listen to Binaural Beats to reduce symptoms, this is a special frequency that targets bad bacteria and reduces infection, there are lot for headaches, sore throat etc on Youtube. Listen with ear or headphones and drink here and there, drinking bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp in a normal size glass of water, 3 x a day will alkalize the body and illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment.Pastoral doctor Dr Sircus has good info about this on Youtube and his website too . Remove acidic foods like meat and dairy for a few days to alkalize quicker.

  6. Liza Rausch says:

    As a nurse, I honestly don‘t know what to do. We are experiencing severe shortages in personal protection equipment, yet we are required to care for these patients that so desperately need us. I love helping my patients, I want to fight for them. But I don‘t want to die doing it. I‘m not a martyr, I‘m a nurse.

    EDIT: I’m going to clarify one thing:

    Judt because we are afraid, doesn’t mean we’re gonna run away! I will always do my job. And that is saving my patients.

    • Anil Nair says:

      @Liza Rausch you are honestly like a soldier fighting at the frontlines. I wish I had your courage

    • Wishva krish says:

      Salute to all the nurses

    • Valorant Fans says:

      you are so much more courageous than all of us staying at homes

    • James Koh says:

      Liza and Suzy — Yes the patients need you BUT YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF FIRST. You cannot help them if you yourself are sick and need to be helped. Just make sure you are dressed properly in protective clothing before treating your patients. Look at how the Chinese medical workers are dressed, even then more than 3000 of them got infected, and 16 died. Protective clothing is a MUST, especially in attending to severe cases. The virus can even enter through your eyes.
      Please don’t take risk, demand protective clothing from your health authorities… take care and may God be with you.

    • Eifion Phillips says:

      What area do you live as i have ordered face mask and i will give you one, it’s a good one with a filter. I live in Birmingham. Make sure to cover all arms so you can wear a sweater until your top maybe and Italians wear masks too, could you buy one online?

  7. Rachel H says:

    Love and Respect to Our HealthCare People

  8. Kimberley He says:

    Once this pandemic ends, we need to thank all doctors and nurses who gave up their time and risked their life to help the paitents

    • Lifegoeson100 says:

      Kimberley He also, I don’t know how much it matters to most people but, grocery store employees. I know they’re not saving lives but, they unfortunately still have to go to work and same for the pharmacist that work at stores.

    • EarthChickadee says:

      @What Me Worry Well, let me tell you a very quick personal story.
      Some years ago: *I DIED*
      Yup, as in stone, cold, not breathing, gone, kaput, not breathing, *DEAD* …(lol you get the picture)

      *GOD IS LOVE*
      So very Vast and Eternal that even those words can not even begin to aptly describe the *PURE LOVE* that God truly *IS*
      The. Words. Do. Not. Exist.

      I *DO* know why Jesus/Yeshua tells those Pharisee leaders that they err in not knowing Scripture nor the Power of God. God is the God of Abraham, He is the God of Isaac, and He is the God of Jacob. He is the God of the Living and NOT of the “dead” ,…

      Uhhhhhh…. think on that statement very long and hard for just a moment, and pay special attention to the NAMES that are on that list…… cuz where God *IS* ~~~ *IS* ~~~~ the LAND OF THE LIVING ~~~ and as I am most certainly testifying to the fact that it makes THIS place/dimension in which we CURRENTLY live look like a cold, *DEAD* illusion….. and I absolutely positively did NOT want to come back “here”……. but was sent back to “complete missions” (and my life SINCE that NDE reads like a supernatural work of pure fiction, but I digress…..)

      So, with all that being said: did you not read my *FIRST* response? I said there were *MANY* evidences, didn’t I? I thought that might just give people the curiosity to look on their *OWN*
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    • JayJayGamez says:

      Why not thank them on a normal basis?

    • EarthChickadee says:

      @MrSucc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXdaE-Zw4kY&t=1s
      I said there were *MANY* proofs, and so I *thought* that would pique everyone’s interest to do some research on their **OWN**
      I hope you read my lengthy comment above that I left to another poster on here…….
      It has MANY proofs on that response…..
      Time is short, MrSucc…….
      *VERY* short……

    • Faroogh Haftjoosh says:

      @Ron Ter donald trump

  9. Lisa Rosenkoetter says:

    I’ve heard many younger americans say this is no big deal…..but when you lose 400 some people in one day it is a big deal. Listen to Italy, US has only 60,000 ICU beds and not enough respirators.

    • Mrbrain bob says:

      @Edward Emmick ironically you can barely write English. You should be the last to judge.

    • kongming2005 says:

      Few months ago almost everyone laughed and condemn China saying people are dropping like fly, lousy healthcare, cheap bed everywhere etc. Hope that these low life repent and take this seriously

    • That Guy Seth says:

      I’m coming to give it to you now.

    • Mai-Tai says:

      3500 People die a day in America

    • Larry Milburn says:

      This is no big deal. The people in Italy have government funded health care they also dont have access to over the counter medicines. I dont believe any of what they are selling. It’s not hard to make things look bad when you edit it to be bad.

  10. DJ 17 says:

    Who else still can’t believe this is actually happening 😟

    • Z A says:

      Repent now and turn to the Lord before it is too late, you will find comfort within Him in these dark times.

    • Asianna Kate says:

      Me coz I thought this only happens in the Movie

    • LINMAT says:

      @Avery Hopkins Till whn homie?? ,,I mean the virus wont stop flying ol around the world so if we all locked down thn hw r we gonna move or work or go to scul after some year??

    • dreaming4ffr says:

      It happens… alot.. people are forgetting about other pandemics. it’s earths immume system. we are’nt here forever.
      still scary though, alot of people in my family are weak. my little brother i’m most worried about, he hasnt been outside in over 2 weeks now. 🙁 i can’t even hug him to tell him it will be okay

    • Zimr Design says:

      I remember seeing bodies pilling in the streets and the stench is terrible

  11. Ameena Rasheed says:

    This is sooo sad and tragic. Cant even see loved ones before dying. Omg. This is just a catastrophe.

  12. St. Curly says:

    I’m scared, I hope the US doesn’t end up like this because there is no way we will be able to care for so many patients at once

    • Abram Carroll says:

      Ventilators will be removed from those that are improving very slowly and they will be given drugs so they don’t suffer. Healthy people can be saved quickly with a ventilator, so other can then be saved with that same ventilator. These are the sort of hard choices that need to be made when the system is overwhelmed.

    • Jamac007 says:

      @ohm subham bhabatu it can be controlled if dealt to early, countries not in lockdown mode in early stages are screwed.

    • aisera1986 says:

      @ohm subham bhabatu Look at the numbers in Germany, where the first cases of covid 19 were identified and measures to control the spread were taken (almost) immediately. Everyone in Germany has health insurance, there are laws that protect the workers, you can’t lose your job, when you are sick, your employer will pay you salary for 6 weeks and if you are still having health issues then your health insurance will cover. In the States many people can’t afford to stay at home, because they won’t be paid… so the virus will be spreading and Trump hasn’t done anything at the early stage

    • TNTmatteos says:

      @Meow Mix first of all Italy blocked all flights to China January the 31th too. Secondly, what you call a “campaign” was a small stupid initiative held by the students of one university in Prato and it had no influence whatsoever on the spreading of the virus (which happened on a completely different part of the country), neither it was something promoted by the government, so it is silly to bring it up. The US had the benefit of our experience being the first western country to face the virus but didn’t use it wisely and acted, and are still acting, way too late. The cases in the US are literally skyrocketing faster than they have ever had in Italy and I won’t be surprised if by the end of the week you will have surpassed us. I sincerely hope that the situation won’t be as bad for you as it is for us, but I felt the urge to state what the facts are, good luck!

    • Julius Gilliard says:

      @personal confuser. ya ya I know and Saddam had weapons of mass destruction..

  13. Lydia Sensei says:

    Painful dying isolated. Can’t imagine it. RIP, and i’ve always admired health professional, now so more than ever.

    • E M says:

      Maru Misu Im very sorry Maru. I think it’s distressing for most that they didn’t have contact with their families for days, weeks before dying. They saw themselves go. It’s horrible.

    • Nazi RY says:

      This very pianful 😢😢😢

    • Islam is the best Religion says:

      Almighty Allah said to all in Quran:
      Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned, that (Allah) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from Evil). 
      (Al Quran:Chapter 30, Ar-Room: Verse 41)
      And indeed We will make them taste of the Penalty of this (life) prior to the supreme Penalty, in order that they may (repent and) return. 
      (Al Quran:Chapter 32, As-Sajda: Verse 21)
      Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions.
      (Al Quran:Chapter 16, An-Nahl: Verse 97)

    • Eileen Fuentes says:

      @DMTrip Report Dr. Enrico Storti runs the ICU. Not an actor. Research him or that hospital and maybe you’ll learn that your assumptions are incorrect.

    • G V says:

      @Maru Misu yeah that really sucks my dad died from a heart attack in front of me too and that still affects me

  14. Stephy Steph says:

    Don’t wait for your government to say lockdown, just do it anyway.

    • Traveler Volkriin says:

      @Sarah Engler Some people have to work, sadly.

    • bgarr99 says:

      @Cletus Fairchild The government will likely be sending out checks to everyone very soon.

    • Rebecca T says:

      @Cletus Fairchild , I want you to know that I hear you ❤️ this is a hard time and I’m with you

    • Erica Kane says:

      People are looking for an excuse to blame Trump.

    • Dustin Warner says:

      @Sarah Engler what about people who work in a field that is considered essential? As I am and I’m a lil nervous about it…I deliver and install appliances and boss says we’re staying open…I’m newly married with a lil lady as well… need the money but don’t wanna put my lil lady in jeopardy…I’m in and out of 8 to 10 different homes a day…what’s a man or woman to do?…

  15. No Name says:

    When I said I wanted school to be canceled I didn’t want it to be like this

  16. lazyla27 says:

    People complaining about having to self isolate…smh…

    • roxy says:

      @Laura Guerro When it comes to grief I think suffocating to death, terrified and alone pleading for a chance to say goodbye to beloved family members or having to go on with life knowing a loved one died that way or bravely putting your own life at risk trying desperately and too often futilely to save others in this condition knowing you or a colleague could soon experience the same fate pretty much supersedes most other struggles. Other feelings may matter but they are not all equal by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Traveler Volkriin says:

      It sucks if you’ve lost your parents and sister and live 2000 miles from home by yourself. I came here for college.

    • Wishva krish says:

      Laura Guerro what the foool feelings

    • Zimr Design says:

      I’ve been doing it for years I’m an introvert. Oh really? Let’s put you on solitary confinement and let’s see how long will you stay sane

    • Jorge Alanis says:

      @Laura Guerro Laura Im in LA too and I think this is all part of the agenda, this is pure mind control they make this to make economic and social changes like in 911,they dont care about their own people but the sheeps still wont get it, they’re too indoctrinated into this matrix we live in that is imposible for many of them to understand and many dont want to know the truth because they fear it, for some is better that way bcuz the truth can free your mind but it can also make you really depressed and even go crazy if you can’t take it.We live in a world control by criminals, They own the mainstream media and whenever they want they invade and destroyed whole countries killing thousands of innocent people and they hide their crimes ignored the evidence and manipulate the truth , so no I dont trust them rats or official media at all..

  17. L Bo says:

    This is absolutely terrifying to me. I wish everyone would take this more seriously. *PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND STAY HOME* continuing to pray for Italy and the entire world. The nurses and doctors all over the world genuinely are so brave. Bless every single one of them.

  18. Genevieve says:

    We’ll never know if we overreacted, but god knows we’ll find out if we under reacted.

  19. Hannah X says:

    A young doctor in Pakistan served day and night for the patients of corona virus but sadly he caught the virus and died.

    • zergen zerg says:

      Brown people don’t get as much sympathy as white people
      You won’t be hearing any prayforpakistan anytime soon

    • JJ says:

      @zergen zerg Save it. It’s not the time for this type of racial division – it never is. It’s a pandemic – if you want to live in this state of mind that no one cares for them, you’re the problem that you think you’re trying to fight.

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