Brad and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Sauce | Making Perfect: Episode 2 | Bon Appétit

Brad and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Sauce | Making Perfect: Episode 2 | Bon Appétit

It’s episode 2 of ‘Making Perfect,’ and let’s just say this one is going to get… saucy. Join sauceboys — no, sauceMEN — Andy and Brad in their hunt for the perfect pizza sauce. From finding the perfect tomatoes to figuring out the perfect cooking method, there is no length that Andy and Brad won’t go to reach perfection.

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Brad and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Sauce | Making Perfect: Episode 2 | Bon Appétit

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43 Responses

  1. B K says:

    Chris pulled a spoon out his pocket and i lost it

  2. Kushko says:

    Andys OCD coupled with Brads “whatever, it’s fine” is pure magic.

    *edit* Although lets be honest…anything with Brad is pure magic. 🙂

  3. Laurie B. says:

    The irony of Brad telling someone to quit fooling around

  4. ObiTrev says:

    I hope they do a video on the type of oven.

    *1.* ELECTRIC
    *2.* WOOD
    *3.* COAL
    *4.* GAS

    *1.* OPEN FLAME
    *2.* CONCEALED

    *1.* CONVEYOR
    *2.* NO MOTION

    *1.* BRICK
    *2.* CERAMIC
    *3.* METAL

    *1.* Frank Sinatra
    *2.* We No Speak Americano
    *3.* Cussing in Italian
    *4.* Best of Italian Gangster Films
    *5.* Spaghetti Western Themes
    *6.* Whatever Starbucks is playing

  5. Sam says:

    Andy: A HINT of garlic

    Brad: Am I a joke to you?

  6. Freya Porter says:

    And now nobody from BA can show their faces at that market again

  7. S says:

    Andy getting super salty about the sauce and fighting with brad for the rest of the episode is everything this show needed and more

  8. Olive D says:

    “It’s technique not muscle, okay gym rat? “

  9. PenDanger2 says:

    The tape exchange is the funniest thing I’ve seen on this channel, period. 18:22

  10. れいたReita says:

    I’m so excited for Chris’s turn for the toppings; I’ve always appreciated the fact that he’s so professional in the kitchen and others reach out for to him because he gives concrete advice and has a really effective palate. I always felt like he’s under appreciated BA pls show Chris more love!!

  11. Helavor says:

    Andy trying to hide his smile at 16:17
    Too adorable.

  12. Dama Huerta says:

    Andy: a hint of natural sweet…?
    Brad: who wrote that?? looks like the handwriting of a _child_
    Andy: I don’t know…
    Brad: *It was definitely me*


  13. MrEscuchimi says:

    Andy naively offering Chris a spoon for tasting as if he didn´t had a whole set for his own in his pocket

  14. IntroToAdulthood says:

    Andy: stares into the ether for minutes thinking

    Brad: what are you thinking?

    Andy: it tastes fine

  15. Roberto Medina says:

    Brad is usually a savage but when he asked “Calzone?” I just died! ???

  16. Dama Huerta says:

    Andy is so upset his sauce cooking method was vetoed by Chris hahah I love him

  17. Wasmo says:

    This is my new favorite food detective buddy cop show

  18. Brendan Troitsky says:

    Brad: “It’s too much garlic”

    That’s not really Brad. You can’t fool me, BA

  19. Haks H says:

    I love how Chris has his own spoon ready in his pocket 21:54

  20. beeble2003 says:

    With a name like Rosemary Trout, I guess you have to be a food scientist.

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