Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 2: The Disaster | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 2: The Disaster | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

Brad Leone and Claire Saffitz are back to finish what they started. Sourdoughnuts Part II. Watch it all go wrong and get ready for the final installment of the Sourdoughnuts saga. Part III drops tomorrow at noon.

Join Bon Appétit Test Kitchen host Brad Leone on a wild, roundabout, and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to experiment with fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 2: The Disaster | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

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59 Responses

  1. Christian Paredes says:

    Just give me the full 45 minute unedited footage of brad waiting for claire… that’s all I need

    Edit: This might be the best video on BA ever

  2. Matt Snyder says:

    I for one would LOVE to see a

    “Brad teaches Claire” series where Brad teaches Claire a random dad skill. And then “Claire teaches Brad” some culinary thing.

  3. Maaira says:

    Omg the Bon Appetite channel is literally A SITCOM and I’m HERE FOR IT!

  4. shyanne rippole says:

    i wanna know who they were talking about lmaoo

  5. heather hardee says:

    this might be the best BA video of all time. hunzi needs an award for this masterpiece

  6. Jeremy Deluna says:

    I want to be clear. Rambling Brad at the start talking about Dunkin’ Donuts was perfect. Always add rambling Brad, its pure gold.


  7. ADarkHunter says:

    Who edited this video? Because they’re my favorite person. Really made the video with the perfect edits.

  8. Ricardo Milos says:

    the number of dislikes are the people who skipped brad’s incre-dough-ble story about doughnuts

  9. Bunburyist says:

    Claire asking “She text you a lot?” killed me. Some good office gossip stirring up.

  10. AlmostAsHappyAsLarry says:

    I love that ba videos are 1/3 cooking program, 1/3 parks and rec office relationships and 1/3 Unhhh style editing

  11. Georgia Froud says:

    Claire is the “shows up 15 minutes late with a Starbucks” meme

  12. Michael Wisdom says:

    How did Claire even survive this day?! The insanity of the Starburst debacle and Brad, all in one day. ?

    • ZonianNitrate says:

      @Dylan Quinn i wanna know too

    • QuietWhenAQueenIsTalking says:

      Dylan Quinn she made a gourmet makes on Starburst

    • Jessica Metter says:

      @Dylan Quinn Gourmet Makes. Claire makes Gourmet Starbursts.Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starburst | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

    • Michael Wisdom says:

      Claire did a gourmet makes starburst and in her typically human endearing way she does brilliantly, but clearly frustrated. I should correct my comment and say it was less of a debacle and more triumph against all odds! Claire and Brad are the best ?

      Looking forward to them figuring this out!

    • guacamole says:

      Hahah forgot our was all on the same day. Great catch!

  13. Roxixane456 says:

    Listen to me guys. CLAIRE & BRAD on THE AMAZING RACE

  14. Tal Moore says:

    This channel is quickly turning into some kind of cooking show/reality show/BTS podcast hybrid. The only thing missing is the Parks & Rec intro theme music.

  15. Marissa Putri says:

    Claire, please blink twice if you’re being held in the test kitchen against your will

  16. Avery Cee says:

    “Are you in a good mental spot right now?”

  17. Isabel Song says:

    I like how they wrote “last one, we promise” after revealing that there’s a part 3 as if we aren’t all relieved by the fact that there will be a part 3 to watch

  18. Avery Cee says:

    24 minutes and 23 seconds and nothing got accomplished. Classic.

  19. Sabrina Ray says:

    Why Is no one talking about the girl/phone/cough situation?????? Uhh BRAD EXPLAIN

  20. Brooke Lester says:

    New series, PLEASE: Every BA chef locked, one at a time, into the empty kitchen for 30 minutes waiting for Claire.

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