Brad Makes Black Garlic | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

Brad Makes Black Garlic | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 42 of “It’s Alive,” and this time he’s making black garlic and homemade pasta. Join Brad on his lifelong quest to consume garlic in as many forms as possible.

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad Makes Black Garlic | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

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69 Responses

  1. TheLameEskimo says:

    Quick everyone make allicin jokes before Brad gets here!

  2. August says:

    wouldn’t be a brad video without ALLICIN and pawsta wourder

    • Ryan Bell Spiderwrangler says:

      Just didn’t think I’d have to wait over 7 minutes for him to say “Allicin” in a garlic video…

  3. Sheldon Gunby says:

    I am so happy right now. All my fave Channels uploaded within 3 hours of each other. Brad, Hot Ones, H3H3, Doug Demuro, Binging with Babish. I am literally set.

  4. Fallout Plays says:

    Not sure what Brad loves more – Garlic, or Vinny

  5. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your CLOVES!!!

  6. Anjelica Parana says:

    So if Gaby is now the Test Kitchen Manager, is Brad now a Senior Food Editor as well?

  7. Sakata Gintoki says:

    This episode is sponsored by the color pinkish purpley color, with special guest allison

  8. Michal says:

    if BA fires Brad we riot

  9. Alex Beamer says:

    I wish brad would crush me to release my allicin

  10. Zach says:

    Dracula probably had an ex-girl named Allison

  11. Sarah Chase-Walsh says:

    we need “a day in the life of gabby”

    • a_silent_songbird says:

      If this happens there needs to be Brad in the background gesturing wildly to a gopro on a stand in almost every scene.

  12. Danchern says:

    “The Fire Hazard” should be the name of a spin off series where we see all of Brad’s Bloopers/Fails

  13. Browneeentertainment says:

    more gaby she’s too sweet

  14. Matthew Martinez says:

    That existential crisis caught me off guard

  15. iea96 says:

    Here to get my allicin cure for the week, it’s like a two part epoxy

  16. Frank Presley says:

    So Gabby needs her own show making homemade pasta.

  17. Harrison Neoh says:

    The dynamic between Gab and Brad is… something. Like PB & J.

  18. M. Conant says:

    Y’all should do some videos with Gabriella!

  19. AlexMeow bleufeline says:

    *Andy doesn’t appear in the rest of this episode

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  20. Brad Leone says:

    So much fun.. Black garlic is a great ingredient and an easy way to step up a basic recipe. oh and BA didn’t fire me yet, I just moved on from test kitchen manager (still always in the kitchen basically) to focus on making more VIDEOS! thumbs up!! I was thinking of doing a yogurt recipe next….thoughts??

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