Brad Makes Fermented Citrus Fruits | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

Brad Makes Fermented Citrus Fruits | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 54 of “It’s Alive,” and this time he’s fermenting citrus fruits! Brad tries his hand at fermenting kumquats, lemons, limes, and blood orange to give your average citrus an It’s Alive kick. Work them into vinaigrettes, top your squid salads with them, or get creative! The world is your oyster, whether you pronounce your oyster condiment mignonette or “min-yet.”

Join Bon Appétit Test Kitchen host Brad Leone on a wild, roundabout, and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to experiment with fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad Makes Fermented Citrus Fruits | It’s Alive | Bon Appétit

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53 Responses

  1. Johan Wilhelmsson says:

    Seriously laughed out loud (with actual real-life sound and all) at the “who cares”. Brilliant editing as usual.

  2. Laura Galvan says:

    I need to know where that fountain of youth is that Chris Morocco is drinking from.

  3. Luke E says:

    Brad embracing his inner Golden Retriever genuinely warms my heart like nothing else I’ve ever seen

  4. Tom Wallen says:

    “The reason we wrote down the weight is so we can add 2% salt by weight. This is 250 grams so that’s… …. … …”
    – Failed high school math

  5. Kelpsie Sponge says:

    >The English name “kumquat” derives from the Cantonese gām-gwāt 金橘, literally meaning “golden orange” or “golden tangerine”.
    – Wikipedia

  6. Kenny Louis says:

    Brad: “I like to use grams so I can be precise.”

    Alao Brad: *rounds to nearest ten grams*

  7. Todd Young says:

    Listening to Brad is listening to stream of consciousness. No filter.

  8. E Scobba says:

    Would love to see a video of Brad making mead???

  9. liger04 says:

    Brad’s squid-fishing boat would be called “Jigging in the Wourder”

  10. Ace Yang says:

    “Lizards don’t like you. They just wish they were big enough to eat you.” – Brad Leone 2019

    • caffienatedtactician says:

      I own a bearded dragon and can confirm she would eat me in a heartbeat if she had the chance

    • Marc-André Demers says:

      we’re not tasty, we’re bony, very little muscle, mostly tendons, most of our nutritious organs are small for our size except the brain. An animal has te be pretty desesperate or mistaken to want to eat a human. I mean the only ones who do are lone wolves who go for the weak and bland human animals because they don’t have the pack needed to hunt worthwhile prey. Or those tigers who get too old to be able to outrun they prey and they lose teeth so their attacks are weak. You see them lurking around villages because there are small weak humans there.

      tldr; no one wants to eat a human. Some do because we’re all they can afford. Humans are like a hospital meal for old siberian tigers. They probably feel shame whilst moderately enjoying their meal. It’s kinda sad, really.

    • tess Bel says:

      Me before watching the video trying to figure out how tf that will be relevant (^-^)

  11. Hsagsevshis Beatevfcox says:

    Brad : “Matt We can’t address you it’s too soon ”
    damn i felt that

    • Henna Shea says:

      I know??

    • Demon Raptor says:

      @Prasenjeet Saha No, he’s Matt

    • Demon Raptor says:

      @F0XD1E You would accept a higher paying job too. Why should he have stayed just to keep you children happy?

    • dante haversham says:

      @F0XD1E He may have gone for the gig because it pays better, but I would guess that because Babish’s channel puts out less content, he can film and edit, vs just filming at BA. That would give him more opportunity to round out filmmaking skills .This is just speculating of course.

  12. Lois Adams says:

    Soooo, 12th vacation this year huh? I knew there was a reason Andy couldn’t afford a new T-shirt!

  13. OhManThisShampoo says:

    When Brad said “we can’t address you” referencing Vinnie I got sad 🙁

  14. Haji Dumas says:

    Brad: “I talk to myself a lot.”
    It’s fine we all love to listen to your wisdom.

  15. bojassem12 says:

    Gabby’s always rating things with how she would pay for it

  16. MrFatPlummer says:

    So whos gonna make a supercut of all of Brads “DELANEY” moments now that they’ve become buds.

  17. nelson 836 says:

    More fermentation station episodes. Would like to see some more Alcohol based episodes. Great job Brad always entertaining.

  18. Amanda says:

    I really miss Brad saying “Vinny” every 2 min.

  19. Jessica Carter says:

    Matt Hunziker is the real MVP of Bon Appétit….

  20. Heidi C says:

    “Chris Morocco – Online Spoon Shopping” LOL I appreciate Matt’s dedication to the running jokes. If Matt gets bored of editing he should seriously consider writing for SNL.

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