Brad Paisley – Country Nation

Brad Paisley – Country Nation

Country Nation is available on Brad Paisley’s album Moonshine in the Trunk. Get it Now! Apple Music: – Amazon Music: – Google Play:

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20 Responses

  1. Joshua Zangari says:

    Should have shot this on Mountaineer Field.

  2. Benny Gundlach says:

    Um, I saw no Pitt Panther nor Nittany Lion in this video.

  3. Rusti Sidel says:

    GO GREEN!!! GO WHITE!!! :)

  4. Becky Castilleja says:

    WTH no Texas Tech RED RAIDER!!!!!

  5. xsparklybubblexful says:

    Ever since he released the album, I wanted this song to be released as a
    single sooooo badddd. Such a great message; no matter what you do, who you
    are, where you came from, we’re all one big country nation/country loving
    family <3

  6. Yaroslav Stashchak says:

    Brad its good song and video! God bless you!

  7. Shane Davis says:

    Man, this video has everything! Fav 21st century country singer > check.
    Mascots > check. Brad showin’ some love for the Oklahoma schools OU and OSU
    > double check! Good song, great video Brad.

  8. amyrachele2012 says:

    Go Mountaineers ??

  9. Tina Bindschatel says:

    Loved it!!! :)

  10. amyrachele2012 says:

    I must say this should have been filmed at Milan Puskar Stadium in
    Morgantown, West Virginia! Home of the Mountaineers!!! ????

  11. Kate Nowell says:

    Fun video. Loved the kitten in stroller. But where is the Colorado Buffalo
    🙁 We love country in Colorado too!

  12. IZPMusic says:

    To be honest, the lyrics don’t really affect me much, like his older songs
    used to, but his videos are always so fun to watch. I just wish he’d
    release something more emotional and relatable, like all of his songs off
    5th Gear. Still my favorite album ever.

  13. 1zombie 4v says:

    Stupid new cuntry songs . Has little meaning . Today’s cuntry is pathetic .
    I’m so glad I’m in TEXAS

  14. missyouwish88 says:

    Who’s the mascot that was pushing the kitten stroller? That was adorable!

  15. Emily Barr says:

    should have been more Brutus

  16. Cameron Asbury says:

    It’s a shame Marco wasn’t in this video.

  17. ScoutMaddox G says:

    Let’s Goooooo Mountaineers!

  18. Rainbow Gaming04 says:

    I went to go see a brad paisley concert with my friend when we were 9 I
    think it was the worst concert ever I only went because she begged me