Brand Name vs. Generic

Brand Name vs. Generic

What is the difference between brand name and generic products?
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Written by Mitchell Moffit, Gregory Brown, Amanda Edward and Rachel Salt


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20 Responses

  1. Kami Play says:

    i’m in france, and i don’t even know the price difference between generic
    and brand drugs, it’s all free for us so i just take the one pharmacist
    gives me

  2. Isaiah Dix says:

    This was a great idea guys. I really appreciated watching this.

  3. ErwinIgnacio says:

    I think you can effectively blame China for making cheap knockoffs that
    people associate cheap to not better from expensive same product

  4. SirLobsterman says:

    yeah, generic food isn’t as good in personal experience, went and bought a
    $1 pringle knock off, nothing close to it.

  5. Lili Starr (Kimi) says:

    Can you make a video about ‘The Science of Willpower’?

  6. lit709 says:

    Please can you answer the question
    “Is it possible to sweat whilst having a shower?” Thank you :)

  7. rockthestrand says:

    But I like to overpay for a pretty label.

  8. gperdomo426 says:

    Salt may not taste different but the crystals are different so I’ll gladly
    play more for the more fine salt.

    Also there have been cases where generic drugs were shown to work
    differently because of the filler items. I work at a pharmacy and we were
    making an antacid liquid for a patient with a feeding tube and when we used
    the store brand stuff to crush for the medicine it was lumpy and unusable
    where as the name brand stuff yielded a smooth and homogenous mixture.

  9. ed perez says:

    you should add a tally count of how many a person got wrong and right next
    to each individual that way us viewers could visualize the data more

  10. Austin says:

    Mitch the guy who is talking was evicted on big brother canada?

  11. Steven t says:

    Can I be top comment?

  12. J.S.P.Gelinas Email says:

    dont work the same

  13. Nikolaj Bøgh says:

    what about people not from usa how does this compare

  14. xxghostxx170 says:

    if its medicine the generic brand is exactly the same but for food the
    taste might not be the same and thats all that matters

  15. Feng Gula says:

    Same shit. All GMO garbage lol.

  16. George G (White Shadow) says:

    Maybe I have a fine palette, but I can always tell the difference between
    generic and brand food. Some more than others, but it’s just never exactly
    the same.

  17. CORZER0 says:

    fLaYs…. Nice :)

  18. Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

    A good reminder to check out generic brands whenever possible. I am always
    looking for more ways to save money.

  19. priceless_kim wattpadienne says:

    Yo No Name chips are real
    There is a brand called “no name” here in quebec

  20. BigHunTraps says:

    Let’s see if you can keep this comment on an even amount of likes!