Brand Wars (ep.3): Dunkin vs Krispy Kreme

Brand Wars (ep.3): Dunkin vs Krispy Kreme

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41 Responses

  1. Whomagoose says:

    One thing unique about Kryspy Kream is the “Hot Sign” telling everyone about a new batch of glazed donuts so fresh and hot you may need a spoon to eat the donut.

  2. Clayton Ihrke says:

    He gives Dunkin a point for revenue, although they are almost more well known for their coffee nowadays while Krispy Kreme is more doughnuts

    • chickendonut🦉 says:

      @Nyxiia krispy kreme is also in the uk

    • Eion Baracao says:

      @Kuzy i live in the Philippines and i see both all the time but i see krispy cream in more if then

    • Ali Baba says:

      @Nyxiia I live in the uk and there’s way more Krispy kremes than dunking donuts

    • Kuzy says:

      Well i guess asia are diffrent to bc im from indonesia and i have barely seen any krispy kreme in my life but i you are from indonesia or have go to indonesia and saw krispy kreme then its just my place

    • Ali Baba says:

      @Kuzy Yh different coutries are going to have more of one store indonesia and USA may be dunking donuts but a lot of countries in the eu it’s Kristy kremes

  3. Cali Lovett says:

    I’m European and I’ve had neither of these, but I’m more drawn to Krispy Kreme, the texture looks amazing!

  4. Twiistz says:

    If they replaced every Dunkin Donuts with a Krispy Kreme , I’d probably cry

  5. ErdriedDeirdre says:

    I love both for what makes the special. But I can’t watch Dunkin being baked. That Krispy Kreme conveyor belt is freaking amazing.

  6. Some Random Fan says:

    You just gave a point to Dunkin’ for having someone who is “tik tok famous” instead of the people with actual talent……….

    • mha edits says:

      @re1ence so a tiktok star is worth more than a president known by most likely billions of people and the second most popular kpop group

    • Don’t move she gonna kill u says:

      @re1ence charli hasn’t done nothing Obama black pink and shaquille has influenced more then charli

    • Your Daddy says:

      @Jackluck2 well everyone is doing it

    • Jackluck2 says:

      @Your Daddy Millions of people have played sports but only a few thousand play professionally. At some point you have to acknowledge talent and skill play a role.

    • KAT1KM1MYLA says:

      Ok no hate i like charli but I don’t either but still they had good people on that side and I hate people for even saying this because if u watch this one video she didn’t want to be on tv or the radio I forget because she was offered because she famous but she said I don’t deserve this I’m just dancing in front of a camera and she didn’t do it so just stop.

  7. J D says:

    Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is what is helping them. But if it sales based off just donuts – I think Kristen Kreme tops the cake

    Also – the fact that A tiktok star is endorsed by Dunkin’ Donuts is enough for me to say no. How many scandals she has been in/ is she REALLY a good role model for other teens? Going on yacht trips in a bikin surrounded by other teens and your boyfriend/ex isn’t something I’d promote to my kids should I have them.

  8. GamerParker123 says:

    We live in a world where a goddamn former PRESIDENT’s opinion is worth less than a TikTok star’s.

  9. katie c says:

    I love dunkin all the way. I tried Krispy Kreme out the airport , which was my first time having it. Yes it was refrigerated so no it not a fair try but I just love dunkin donuts. From their ice tea to their donuts to their breakfast sandwiches

  10. Twenkena says:

    Never seen a dunkin outside of the US? Would love to see this measure on variety of countries rather than number of restaurants in a chain

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