Braun Strowman takes out 8 men with ease. WWE Raw Highlights 9/5/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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35 Responses

  1. DJ Skandalous says:

    The Strowman Express almost got derailed there on its first run back 😄

  2. Southern Tex Fire Responses says:

    Seeing how he looked at the crowd said it all. One of many wwe stars that never should of been let go.. good for you Braun. You deserve it

  3. mgrchip says:

    Seeing him come back is something special.

    Here is hoping that with this, We will see Bray Wyatt return.

  4. CuDeSaMc says:

    I really love how WWE’s new regime is keeping their new rehire signings on such a hush-hush. It brings back the suspense levels to wrestling which is hard to do with today’s social media. Turns TV episodes to must see now because you always wonder who is gonna show up next. It’s great for their television deals as well.

    • Spider-Man says:

      I wish it was hush-hush but it was anything but that

    • alexubel says:

      What was hush-hush about his return? It was common knowledge more than a week ago that he had resigned. There was literally a guy holding up a Braun Strowman sign in the crowd. Sasha and Naomi have also agreed to return and are already back on the internal roster.

    • Jason Gamino says:

      it wasnt hush hush. It has been all over youtube lately

    • Terry Alan says:

      Well if you read wrestling websites at all they said a week ago he’s was gonna be on raw tonight, not really a surprise

  5. Marty says:

    I’m so happy for Braun he’s back. He was the best thing they had going and Vince screwed him. At least HHH has some brains and first thing he does is bring Braun back. Real glad to see him again

    • vincent thomas says:

      Seriously Vince is so out of touch with the wwe universe the only person he wants to push is Roman reigns triple h is doing everything right since taking over my question is why would Vince release Braun in the first place

    • David DuBois says:

      I Wouldn’t say he was the best thing WWE had going for them. Honestly other than size he doesn’t really bring much as far as ring skills. he’s no different then say Big Show or any other big superstar. And Bringing Braun back was definitely not the first thing Triple H did upon taking control of talent and creative there’s been other returns

  6. Kyle Haight says:

    This felt absolutely genuine. From the crowd to the announcer table

  7. C.O.P White says:

    Brilliant way to bring him back. This is exactly what they used to do with Kane. Just have him interrupt matches and wreck everyone because he can.

    • Hennimore says:

      Eh….not a good comparison in my opinion. Kane has a legit reason for doing it: He wanted a match with his brother Taker but Taker refused and would dodge Kane at all costs. Paul and Kane then decided that they would interrupt matches every week until Undertaker agreed to face off with him. Braun so far seems to be doing it because he…can? Hopefully we get a little more info on why he did what he did on Smackdown this week.

    • GodOfSouls65 FallOut39 says:

      @Rob The Dude kanes also a HOF and a 12 time tag team champion and MITB winner, obviously he’s not gonna be as scary as Braun as we seen with Kane dudes a monster even with his own brother

    • Rob The Dude says:

      Yeah but Kane was legit scary when he did it…Braun is just Braun.

    • John Cobianchi says:

      This is so true!! I was trying to find it my finger on it, but this absolutely feels like an epic Kane return

  8. Old Irish says:

    You can tell he was holding back tears, good for him, well played Mr. H, well played indeed.

  9. ProlificMF92 says:

    I got chills watching this. So happy for Braun!! Back where he belongs 🙏🏽

  10. Dave Hernandez says:

    Braun’s in absolutely amazing shape his muscles are more toned than they used to be. I want the attitude era or the ruthless aggression era intro back with these new superstars.

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