Brave goat becomes friends with a tiger who was supposed to eat him

Brave goat becomes friends with a tiger who was supposed to eat him

Friendship goals! A very brave goat who was given as food to a tiger in a Russian zoo has become the fierce animal’s bestie. . Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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20 Responses

  1. DeparturetimeArsenal says:

    maybe the tiger is blind

  2. Buck says:

    what a stalker.

  3. Kara Smith says:


  4. arman ahmed says:

    am pretty sure it’s the satan’s goat!

  5. Eric Norton says:

    Poor tiger is probably lonely.

  6. gimmeshelter29 says:

    The tiger is vegan.

  7. Joe “Bear” Ortiz says:

    I hope it doesn’t kill the poor tiger

  8. The Dynast Queen says:

    Even dangerous predators get lonely, it happens.

    Sometimes so lonely that they harbor an idiot for years….decades even
    only to grow so irritated by their mere presence that when the day finally
    comes to kill them they loose all composure and gleefully rejoice to the
    universe that NAPPA IS FINALLY DEAD AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So umm yeah that tiger
    is gonna be killed, its the natural order.

  9. mic bay says:

    no wonder its a russian!!

  10. Reyes Ibarra says:

    Plot twist: She’s been trying to kill herself but nothing seems to work.

  11. RJ Uballe says:

    sadly the goat eats the tiger the next morning. CURSE YOU GOAT !!!!

  12. Batman says:

    a vegetarian tiger
    thats rare dude

  13. Ganesh Gunaji says:

    Most of these tigers aren’t inherently cruel. They won’t kill something
    unless they are hungry or theeatened. It doesn’t make sense for him to put
    in the effort to kill it if he isn’t hungry.

  14. Ganesh Gunaji says:

    Also being friends from birth won’t stop a tiger from killing and eating if
    it is hungry or threatened. There have been cases where owners hand raised
    tigers from birth and then were randomly eaten later by them.

  15. Sabrina F says:

    And the lion fell in love with the goat

  16. justcaolan says:

    I hope the goat doesn’t hurt that poor lion

  17. symmetry08 says:

    Most worst criminals, when it comes to death, ask for life but they do not
    realize that boredom is the worst thing they confront in separation jail.
    This tiger did not want to be alone. If jailed person had access to
    wandering mice that mice would be biggest thing for him. He would be
    begging to see that mice everyday. Otherwise, it won’t take long he will
    attempt to kill himself with any means…. wall, hang himself…

  18. The Looks that kill says:

    I bet he’s dead by now..


  19. Tha Kidd says:

    maybe the goat is hunting the tiger

  20. juggaloinyoface says:

    the goat is using its tiger friend to climb back on top of his goat
    kingdom. once the goat claims his throne again he will betray the tiger
    without hesitation