Brazil vs. Switzerland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Brazil vs. Switzerland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Brazil and Switzerland matched up in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Brazil peppered Switzerland’s defense with multiple shots on goal but nothing went through. Halftime stood at 0-0. In the 64th minute, Vinícius Júnior appeared to score for Brazil but the goal was overturned by Richarlison’s offside position. The 0-0 tie was broken in the 83rd minute after Casemiro put one in to the top corner.

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Brazil vs. Switzerland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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41 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    How spectacular was Casemiro’s game-clinching goal?

  2. LS says:

    Brazilian football really is a joy to watch. The way they pass the ball around and play with their opponent is special.

    • K A says:

      @flyingchimp12 the worst part of football 😅😅 they should all be actors when they stop playing the game they have mastered it.

    • K A says:

      They are gonna get smashed by France if they have to play them. France is different man I was hoping they wouldn’t be as good this year but they might be even better than 4 years ago.

    • kimberly sun says:

      Agree. It’s fun to watch and creative

    • Notfrom63rd says:

      yeh but this brazillian team doesnt win the world cup the way they played this a brazillian i have to tell you guys , the highlights doesnt tell the story those chances come few and far in between were not that good lol .. richarlison is great but he goes spells of not touching the ball for really long

    • Kamal Hossain says:

      @Around the Globe DR.

  3. Pritesh Desai says:

    Brazil plays a beautiful football game. Their passes were pinpointed and so quick, surprised they scored only 1. Good defense!

    • Marianne B says:

      @Jay Yosi That’s because Switzerland have the best defence and it was difficult for Brazil to break the wall. They finally managed to score a goal in the end.

    • Jay Yosi says:

      That is the way they play all the time in their football history. But goal wise they are short of it. Missed a tone of goals in this game even though they posses the ball most of the time.

  4. PA says:

    This game is an example of how the score doesn’t tell the full story. Brazil dominated possession and barely let Swiss team shoot but they only scored one

    • Jonathan Pontel says:

      People keep forgetting that the Swiss were playing defense almost the whole game. Do you know how hard it is to score when there’s one 10 people playing defense? Give me a break. At least we didn’t lose to Saudi Arabia like Argentina lmao

    • Kevindinho says:

      Facts. No doubt Brazil can really win this cup

    • Joshua Brown says:

      @KS so your just supposed to let the better opponent score… Like become a manager.. if I had Brazil next game I park the bus as well.. it’s common sense… People like you I swear…

    • Ryan says:

      Very very true. Gotta also give a ton of credit to 80+ minutes of elite Swiss defending. Stalwart defence work.

    • Squishy says:

      yeah and especially if they had Neymar playing it would’ve been higher than 1 goal

  5. Jimmy Le says:

    Watching Brazil play is just a treat. The way they move the ball around and play with such teamwork, they truly make the game look beautiful!

  6. Zack M says:

    Hats off to Switzerland for defending so well this game. Didn’t let Brazil score until the 83rd minute, impressive. Hoping they advance as well.

  7. Mr. Fil-Am says:

    That shot by Casemiro was a thing of beauty.

  8. Boi Fury says:

    I’m really liking this Brazil team, they’ve got a lot of young talent and are truly performing. Well done 👍🏼

  9. A. G says:

    One of he best defense I’ve ever seen! Congrats Brazil

  10. MrPerennial says:

    Brazil style of play is just different. They just have a certain swagger and finesse that is unique

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