BREACH【hololive English】

BREACH【hololive English】

July 25th, 8 PM PDT | 12 PM JST (+1 Day)

▶Request from hololive production to underage viewers:
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25 Responses

  1. Matthew Vazquez says:

    Always exciting to see a new debuts and get a feel for their personalities and character can’t wait hopefully i can catch them all live ,im so hyped!!!!

    • Kalec says:

      I always look forward to them slowly forgetting their debut setting and voices

    • Pfish1000 says:

      While it’s hype that it’s now and not later. I do wish they would stop doing so many debuts during the same 2 month span.
      We have IRyS, Tempus HQ, Council, Myth, HoloFantasy , NePoLaBo, Gen 2, Miko, Arurandeisu, and Sora all having debut anniversaries between the second half of July and the first Half of September.
      My wallet (and at this point the calendar) can’t take much more.

    • Jeremy Baker says:

      It’s tomorrow and Wednesday

    • Jeremy Baker says:

      ​@Pfish1000bro just stop

    • Jeremy Baker says:

      ​@Pfish1000you don’t understand this is hololive English we are talking about not hololive Japan

  2. Soona says:

    Can’t wait to see their debuts

  3. I love the dawn of winter says:


  4. 【WD】猫鮫 ラティ余 says:


  5. Benz Quizon says:

    This isnt even a coincidence anymore. Every damn time that woman goes on a *”vacation”* I refuse to believe Amelia has nothing to do with this behind the scenes.

    • Manusia KagakRusuh says:

      Once, it’s merely a good timing …
      Twice, a coincidence …
      Thrice, things kinda sussy …

    • Nunya says:

      Who do you think staged the jailbreak?

    • Mr. Cheese🧀 says:

      I genuinely think bro is working as tech support for them. Cuz she helps a lot with Tech support for the other EN members, I wouldn’t doubt her actually having some kind of work for EN.

    • Manusia KagakRusuh says:

      Oh boy, the “It was me, Barry !” moment right there …

    • DonPatrono says:

      yeah at this point Ame is confirmed as EN’s tech support so everytime she “goes on vacation” she’s actually setting up the streaming PC interfaces for new members
      …let’s just hope Magni and Vesper are also involved in this

  6. ニャンたる says:


  7. 赤ゲキ 🏴‍☠️ says:

    This is amazing. I can’t wait to meet and tease them on Twitter about the fact that they will go from lore personality to comedians after 1 or 2 days. 😂

  8. デバイス says:


  9. なんですけど何ですか? says:


  10. いなえ says:


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