Breaking 100 World Records in 24 Hours

Breaking 100 World Records in 24 Hours


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Today we’re attempting to complete 100 world records in 24 hours…

100 IMPOSSIBLE Trick Shots In 24 Hours

Breaking 24 Basketball World Records In 24 HOURS!

Thanks to @EfronPhoto and @Johnny Carmack for joining me in the video!

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23 Responses

  1. The Bentist says:

    Be real tho fam… how long it take you to find those 100 world records 😂 Next up we gotta do worlds largest toothbrush 🙌😂😂😂

  2. Savage Pickle says:

    I’m so proud of you jesser for hitting 8 mil and all the world records.

  3. Tristan Jass says:

    THE GOAT !!!

  4. orange ball says:

    Jesse never fails to disappoint us❤

  5. TrulyGoCrazy says:

    Its always a good day when Jesser uploads keep it up dude.

  6. Linc Johnson says:

    bro Jesse is growing so quickly I am so proud of him. THE CONTENT HAS BEEN AMAZING!

  7. Marcus Trujillo says:

    Crazy how fast Jesser’s channel has grown in the past couple months

  8. Jayden 🏀 says:

    Well done on breaking some of the world records 🎉

  9. RECAB DANG says:

    I love all your videos! I’ve been watching all of them and I absolutely know it is entertaining! Great job for 8 mil and you deserve more likes!

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