Breaking 28 Minecraft Records in 24 Hours!

Breaking 28 Minecraft Records in 24 Hours!

Breaking 28 Minecraft Records in 24 Hours! This video was impossible…

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Another extreme, Insane Minecraft video that was incredibly challenging to do…

Minecraft is full of really rare speedruns and really hard World Records to pull off. Most players never get to see these!

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30 Responses

  1. Wenzo says:

    Dom is simply BUILT DIFFERENT!

  2. ELITE_Josh says:

    Dom never fails to impress us. Only 50K more to go!

  3. Marley says:

    Typical dom banger. best youtuber

  4. Joocie says:

    Dom is the world record master

  5. ItsSanity says:

    Ayooo, Dom this was incredible man, I can’t believe you e accomplished it, keep it up homie, love the content man!!

  6. George Campbell says:

    This guy is insane. With this many Minecraft records, he is definitely the most underrated youtuber out there

  7. KAI says:

    Ever since you made these Minecraft videos you have actually cured my boredom and even made me download the game again
    You really are amazing Dom

  8. Adrian Thompson says:

    more content like this and you will hit 5 million subs

  9. badgamer says:

    I can feel the pain this man is going through and doing to break these world record love the videos btw

  10. Brickneys says:

    Keep up the great work you did all this for the viewers!

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