Breaking: 5 dead, several injured in mass shooting in Texas

Breaking: 5 dead, several injured in mass shooting in Texas

The incident stretched from Midland to Odessa, and authorities have confirmed that the gunman was shot and killed.

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77 Responses

  1. Ali Alhasson says:

    Damn this shits getting normalized which leads to more people doing it or having the mindset that it’s not a big deal
    If news and people stop doing that then shootings will decrease

    • Alton Coker says:

      @Lacey Kean there is a difference in awareness and giving these bumbs all the attention they want. Remember just one shooter doesn’t mean it is self contained. Idiot. These guys get a thrill out so much attention because so many Americans thrive on drama. Idiot.

    • Anthony Ziemba says:

      But in Chicago there’s Double Didgets killings still not reported. Every week and weekend. The only night thing could it be a mailman who stoled his own Mail truck. Went postal on everyone he came across.

    • Invader Zim says:

      Dude, you act like you’ve been living under a rock!!

      Of course, there’s shooting. I BET you’ve forgotten shooting that’s happening in Detroit, Birmingham, Little Rock, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore and MUCH MORE, where’s the attention for them?!
      Dude, THERE ARE MUCH MORE SHOOTINGS outside of this country that ARE MUCH, MUCH MORE WORSE and I’ll name a few?:

      Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Jamaica and Swaziland.

    • Trevor Paul says:

      I’m glad it’s more common now. People are waking up. Death in today’s society is a get out of jail free card.

    • Danny Carmichael says:

      Chad N Black people are brown and white people are PINK. ???

  2. Greysen G says:

    Its crazy, i just scroll past these now like its an area 51 meme

  3. shupliance says:

    why is it so remarkably evident that the only people commenting on these videos are delusional boomers?

  4. SparksDrinker says:


  5. B Savage says:

    It’s going to get worse before the end of the year. Lunatics want their fame.

    • Uji Sungwoon says:

      and im 100% sure it was a white person smh

    • Lisa R says:

      @Yes YES

      low IQ people keep fixating on the race of the shooters while high IQ people are trying to figure out a solution.
      Lower IQ people never have solutions to problems which is why lower IQ countries are difficult to live in.

      I’m going to assume you have a high IQ. What is the solution to the high homicide rate of Latinos, blacks and whites. How can we lower all their homicide rates to Japanese in Japan level?

    • A A says:

      @Uji Sungwoon 100% and “sure” cannot coexist.

    • J.J Rangel says:

      @Lisa R I bet you don’t have the solution. Does that mean you have a low IQ lol

    • Lisa R says:

      @J.J Rangel
      I do have a solution. I have a whole list of solutions. I’m just not going to share.

  6. amy le says:

    I said “oh my gosh” that’s how you know it’s getting out of hand ?

    • Pluscelamemechose says:

      Me too.

    • Scooby Doo says:

      “Getting out of hand” is steadily reducing gun crime since the 70’s… y’all are crazily obsessed with eating the shit these news outlets put out.

    • Sydney Lea says:

      Scooby Doo okay you do realize that that refers to the majority of gun violence in America- which is carried out by hand guns in inner cities? Like yeah THAT gun violence is being reduced but go ahead and fetch me a newspaper article about a *MASS shooting* from the 70’s will ya? It’s good that hand gun violence is being reduced but does it even matter if the death count is being balanced out with all these fucking lunatics killing multiple people at once?

  7. JAY2RAW says:

    It’s sad I’m becoming numb to hearing shit like this ?‍♂️

    • Blxck Bxddie says:

      @NPC Normalcy Bias Yeah once it happens to you we’ll “Try not to be pussies about it”

    • Dylan Garcia says:

      Yeah this shouldn’t be happening

    • Game4Life says:

      @sandy smith Yes. But you can cause innocent to shoot each other. When in fear, everyone has a weapon out that can cause confusion.

    • DingleBungus says:

      @Tresleches15 Where are all these illegal guns coming from though?
      There seems to be a lot of them.
      I knew a dude in highschool that would steal these huge bags full of McDonalds chicken nuggets and sell them. Not even joking. I have no idea how he didn’t get caught but he didn’t. My guess is the manager was in on it.

    • DingleBungus says:

      @Blxck Bxddie What are you scared of bullets? Bullets are tiny, don’t be such a pussy.

  8. Perkaholic says:

    Time to spin the blame everything but the shooter wheel again
    What are we thinking today? Video games? Mental health? Liberals? Trump?

    • Perkaholic says:

      Troy Adamson No. They just want to create fear and live in infamy because the American media wants to make money off of shootings so they give the shooter all this publicity.

    • Scooby Doo says:

      Troy Adamson nobody in their right fucking mind imagines life as a video game where we can respawn when we die.

    • Lee Everett says:

      @Perkaholic Better background checks won’t do shit and I don’t know why people keep thinking they will. All of the people who committed violence with their guns easily passed the checks with flying colors. The fact IS, this world is full of evil, and evil shit happens every day. There is nothing we can do other than try to help each other when we see signs of mental instability. That is all we can do. The blame is on the perp and his/her mental health, no inanimate object law will prevent violence or EVIL.

    • Nonya FknBusiness says:

      Its never liberals, always lefties and not the same thing. Prager U is your friend.

    • Sheldon Dinkleberg says:

      @Perkaholic Most of what you said is already a thing dude…

  9. Jonathan Booth says:

    This sounds like the plot to no country for old men down in Little Odessa

  10. John De Guzman says:

    A lot of shooting this year, I fell bad for the people dying to this mass shooting ????

  11. Catreal Lea says:

    This is becoming normal ever other day it’s a mass shooting

    That’s sad

  12. sara USA says:

    Very sad my deepest condolences for the family’s & prey for the victims.

    • Peanutbutter says:

      Sadly even comments like this cause giant arguments in the comments.

    • Angelic_ 915 says:

      Gun control solutions is like global warming but a harder subject to solve, I favor the second amendment but the loss of life is too much and that banning guns might be the solution, I hope not ? but that’s the only option I see on the table, background checks like they said they were going to put in didn’t do jack shit, c mon people let’s brainstorm ?

  13. Gäľbåţ says:

    Football Fans: gEt BaCk To ThE gAmE!!!

  14. Space Monkey says:

    Take your Kevlar helmet, bulletproof vest and armored car before you go out shopping, go to school and festivals.

  15. Rubber Chickenwings says:

    There should be a law against shooting people…. problem solved

    • Lena Tran says:

      The NRA pays political leaders to speak good about guns therefore ,but there not doing anything about it they’re just hungry for money

    • CowboyBoolin says:

      @B. K. countries with the lowest murder and gun deaths are the ones with the most ethnically homogeneous populations

    • Sheldon Dinkleberg says:

      @B. K. Take every country thats “doing better” and look at the cost of life, the FUCKING POPULATION and the culture. America doesnt really have a problem with shootings. It just seems like it does because we are not used to media pushing on it so hard.

    • Stephanie Renee says:

      Rubber Chickenwings umm there is!

    • Perkaholic says:

      B. K. A gun ban won’t solve the problem. It’s just gonna create an illegal market for weapons and give organized crime a way to make money. Look at Prohibition. Everyone continued to drink, and organized crime rose to prominence due to the bootlegging business. That’s assuming that we can get past the whole issue of confiscating the approximately 400 million guns in the United States. No one is gonna do the confiscating. The police aren’t gonna do it. The military won’t. It’s gonna cause a Civil War and I’d put my money on the side that has armed citizens and a good chunk of the US military on its side.

  16. Invader Zim says:

    Dude, the ALL major news network are ignoring the crimes that is happening in Baltimore and Detroit!!!!

  17. Invader Zim says:

    The news are just going to spread a ptopoganda about gun control once again!!!!!?

  18. Stan says:

    In Chicago we have mass shootings every night but that doesn’t matter to media huh?

  19. Buff Barnaby says:

    If it burns , bleeds , or blows up , it will get clicks.?‍♀️

  20. Jodey Joe says:


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