Breaking A Diamond Play Button

Breaking A Diamond Play Button

In today’s video we’re taking our Diamond Play Button and making a replicator briefcase out of it!

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40 Responses

  1. Patrick Acosta says:

    You should make a rock candy play button useing the mold

  2. Faded To Nothing says:

    Use gallium to cast the play button

  3. Zaid Martin says:

    You guys should try and make a metal cast of the button and or diamond. Then spruce it up. Make a legit looking replica or something. That’d be sick!

  4. Patryk Nowak says:

    melt different types of candy like jollyranchers at once but dont mix them. Than pour into the mold to get this glass tie-die looking thing.

  5. The HopelessGamer says:

    Perhaps cast some titanium?

  6. Albert Sebastian says:

    Finally GRANT YEA BABY!!!!!

  7. AJ Productions says:

    Who saw when it said “we broke our diamond play button”

  8. // AsianPersuasian says:

    Woahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Grant thopson????!?!?!?!?!

  9. YOUR MUMS EX says:

    Use boiling water to make it clear

  10. Narrowly GT says:

    6:59 thats what she said


    Can you make it again but with the silicone is vaccumed

  12. Andy KA says:

    Godammit Grant!!!where have you been????!!!!

  13. Supreme Master YoloPlayz says:

    Cast it with molten almunium/ Metal/ THEN BURN IT

  14. Kyle S Smit says:

    Try to cast another metal play button. Please don’t melt the diamond play button

  15. sƃuᴉuᴉɐɯǝɹ says:

    Can u make a bullet proof Glass?

  16. Narrowly GT says:

    he looks like sundee tbh

  17. Shallow says:

    You should make a blue chocolate play button and then try to make it look like diamond

  18. Karma Whitewolf says:

    i am curious it is possible to use a gold-ish like metal and use some sort of crystalized sapphire? if so do you not mind if you can give me one? 😀 Sapphire is my birthstone 🙂 and September 13th is my birthday ♥

  19. Techs Science says:

    You had to boil the water before you freeze to avoid bubbles

  20. tsukasadt says:

    Mold a meatloaf in it!

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