BREAKING: Alex Murdaugh Swiftly Convicted of Murdering Wife and Son

BREAKING: Alex Murdaugh Swiftly Convicted of Murdering Wife and Son

BREAKING: The jury swiftly convicted disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh of murdering his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul.

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50 Responses

  1. kimma508 says:

    Murdaugh’s are no longer above the law! Justice has been served! Thank you Judge Newman for conducting a fair trial and for your professionalism. Hopefully Mallory, Gloria, Stephen and those affected by Alex’s financial crimes receive justice.

  2. Doris Washington says:

    I said it was him from day 1 & I’m so glad this Judge treated this trial in such a profesional manner with fairness to both sides. The prosecutor’s did a great job presenting this case & I’m glad this man was found guilty as he should have been. I hope his wife & son haunt him the rest of his sorry life. I pray all the victims of him & his family can find some peace & comfort in this verdict. May all those innocent victims & their families be blessed. May those victims that have passed away R.I.P.🙏🏻💙

    • spaceballs44 says:

      I wish this Judge served over the Kyle Rittenhouse case. He wouldn’t have dismissed charges against him and this judge would not have scolded the prosecuting attorney.

    • A C says:

      The opinion of the crowd that likes to claim guilty heads.

  3. One Love says:

    I have so much respect for this Judge. ✊ Especially knowing this Judge recently lost his own Son, this must’ve been extremely difficult, to know AM took his own Son’s life away, in the most heinous way. 🥺

    I hope the Judge can now take the time to grieve his Son, knowing the world has been watching, and we care for him. ❤️‍🩹

    • Margaret Adami says:

      Omgosh…had no clue Judge list his son!

    • Joy Gonsalves says:

      @La Guiri you missed my point

    • Tad Harsh says:

      @Gisèle Valentía Cartagena Lol, he has friends??!!

    • La Guiri says:

      @Joy Gonsalves Sure it does. He lost a son, worst thing that can happen to a parent. And here he has to preside over a case where a father KILLED his own son. For the life of me, I cannot wrap my brain around the act of a parent killing their own child. I think if I lost one of my children, I wouldn’t even be able to go back to work for a very long time. So kudos to this amazing judge

    • Cathy Jay says:

      I agree. What a gentle man. God bless him and his family.

  4. KJ says:

    YES!!!! There is justice!!!! Idaho needs to take notice that THIS is how you run a high profile case WITH the news being allowed to air the proceedings unlike the Daybell case with closed hearings like Judge Boyce. Congratulations prosecution and Judge Newman on a well run trial!!! The Jury got it right!!! 👍👏👏👏👏RIP Maggie and Paul. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Ali Ramsay says:

      @Natalya’s Turn This one wasn’t I’m pretty sure which is why that juror was booted yesterday

    • Natalya's Turn says:

      @Ali Ramsay none of that has any bearing on the jury. Most times juries are sequestered so they don’t read social media comments, news papers, or tv news.

    • Natalya's Turn says:

      @Teah Esse are you saying a juror was bought?

    • dogsbestfriend9 says:

      Thankful to see prosecutors effectively use common sense, circumstantial evidence, testimony of believable witnesses, and technology to create a mountain of evidence that pointed to the murderer. A perfect timeline presented to the jury… No real blood evidence, no DNA, no weapon, no fingerprints, no eyewitness, ….yet it was overwhelming and conclusive. The jurors were compelled.

    • Ali Ramsay says:

      @Natalya’s Turn but look at all the crazy comments from true crime fans. Some of the comments made about people testifying during the Darrell Brookes case were awful. It’s not just the person on trial who is judged.

  5. interminably perplexed says:

    That’s a very bad man. The endless theft from those he was supposed to be advocating for, and the illegal and unethical actions that were a part of all of the chaos is worth a life sentence without the murder conviction. He admitted to enough on the stand to blow my mind knowing he was a free man all of those years. The average person feels guilt for not doing something to help a complete stranger and the average person is stressed and shameful about a speeding ticket and then there’s this POS. Years and years of his criminal acts, and the pain he’s caused many is just an example of how one can get away with so much and never be held accountable. He could’ve probably kept right on going for years and then died of natural causes without ever spending one night in custody. Mind boggling and scary…scary these “respectable” appearing fellow citizens among us are sometimes not at all the image they portray. May he keep a cold cell occupied the remainder of his days on Earth.

    • interminably perplexed says:

      @AMERICAN JOE TV  I think his cowardness took over…he killed both with the plan of taking his own life due to all of the emerging issues fast approaching. Men especially, will and have been known to do this when all falls apart or is perceived to be in the process of. Like in this family’s situation, when the sole provider finds themselves in such a humiliating and hopeless scenario that will affect everyone’s lives, and they feel they’re responsible for and are “the leader” of, they have been known to go off the deep end. He was probably killing them and then wanted to take his own life, but went with plan B. I’m more convinced of this now after all that’s transpired. His pride was more hurt with the burden of the financial secrets…if he had just chosen to fess up to the painful and disgraceful acts, he may have not killed anyone. It’s like he came to terms with those sins because he had to due to this trial as some twisted strategy to convince jurors that he is a theif and a liar by default in order to steal the $$, but that’s all and not a killer. It’s all backwards…he actually is able to stuff the act of murder down because he is now, confessing the catalyst of what ultimately drove him to murder. It is truly astonishing that the murder he has committed is softened, in his head, by the admittance of something he actually finds as a weaker character flaw…incompetence with $$ and self control/discipline. To not be who he thought he could be is more disappointing than murder and he has now admitted that. It’s complicated, but not. That’s my final take.

    • AMERICAN JOE TV says:

      That’s what he thought he was going to accomplish by murdering people he supposedly loved so much…he thought that would make everything go away and he could keep doing what he had been doing for a decade or more! And then thought he’d get away with it because of his name. The jury made the right call on this one…and I honestly think they took a risk in doing so. Let’s not forget that he probably knows a few of them in some way or another. Their families have probably crossed paths at some point. That would be unnerving for me at the very least!

    • Toni says:

      These rich have bree. Stealing money for years. I still can’t understand to kill your wife and kid makes no sense. I still wonder?

    • SorryNotSorry says:

      Murdaugh still has influence…even if he is found guilty on all financial crimes, some of his assets are untouchable and government can’t even seize. I imagine his prison sentence won’t be so rough and I’m also assuming he’s transfered already a lot of his assets to Buster. It seems like the entire Murdaugh family are some evil people. The way Alex and Maggie raised their own children with that sense of entitlement seems like the apple doesn’t fall too far from that tree. I wish all of the victims from the Murdaugh will feel some sense of relief as it’s been noted there isn’t enough money to compensation all of his victims and I wish Malloy Beach lawsuit would have been a more justified settlement as 275k for losing your daughter feels like a slap in the face over someone that could very well pay what they were seeking. And the way Alex blew threw money it’s like chump change to him.

  6. Kac4 KLHC says:

    I feel horrible for the son, his ENTIRE family has been wiped out by the actions of one. I think they were both trying to hold it together, but the realization that his father really could have done this is hitting heavy right now. This isn’t a victory verdict, the entire family has been destroyed. I’m sure if Buster is still not in denial, he imagines his father killing HIS MOTHER and brother at night when he tries to sleep. He wants to strangle his father, but he loves his father. What is a son to do? Just don’t say it’s a win, today was a win for anyone. I hope someday Buster may find peace.

  7. Kierstyn Hinkle says:

    How sad to know this judge was silently mourning the death of his 40 yr old son who died suddenly January 3 from blood clots in the heart. Condolences to him and his family. ⚘️

  8. Andrew Marchand says:

    To think the last thing Paul and Maggie saw going out of this world was their father/husband pointing a gun at them and shooting them dead. The betrayal, the shock pain they musta felt for that split second before they were shot . I can’t even imagine going out of this world like that. The one man who is supposed to protect you and love you doesn’t just fail to do it , he full blown takes you out of this world by murdering you.. it doesn’t seem possible that anybody could be this sick.

  9. Licia Karp says:

    Condolences to the judge for the loss of his son. Appreciation too to him for his very grounded, very calm and exemplary service. Appreciation to the defence, prosecution, court staff for a seamless, professional trial. Thank you Law & Crime channel and You TUbe for making this available to the public. It is enormously valuable in educating us and allowing our participation in important processes like this.

  10. Sinegugu Ndlovu says:

    What a cold-hearted person. Hoped for this outcome, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Justice is served. RIP to the many victims of the Murdaugh family mafia.

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