Breaking down the CHAOS at the end of the Dallas Cowboys Vs San Francisco 49ers game

Breaking down the CHAOS at the end of the Dallas Cowboys Vs San Francisco 49ers game

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39 Responses

  1. Monica Pegues says:

    What kills me, is that every year, Cowboy’s fan’s find a sorry excuse for losing. How about what happened to their offense the entire game?

  2. Michael says:

    The quarterback draw with 14 seconds to go was one of the dumbest plays in the history of the NFL.

  3. Kevin Kleine says:

    100% right by the ref. Did all he could there.

    • WALTER SOBCHAK says:

      What was that moving the ball backwards move?! If he doesn’t do that they get another play. Referee fixed the game, plain and simple.

    • DecentCO says:

      @WALTER SOBCHAK no, if Dak had a brain and properly handed the ball to the ref and the o-line let’s him through, then the cowboys spike it with 1 sec left. Please think a little before you type.

    • Aaron Garcia says:

      @WALTER SOBCHAK Dak is down when he first starts to slide. The ball should have been placed at the 25 yard line. Dallas gave themselves an extra yard. This is why the ref placed the ball back some. Ref actually did them a favor by not walking the ball back a whole yard. Dallas/ Dak really messed up.

    • Patrick Ferris says:

      More hustle than I’m used to seeing, even

    • Jeff S says:

      @WALTER SOBCHAK So, you think Dallas gets to spot the football wherever they want and the ref just touches it? The ball should’ve been moved back an additional 2 yards to the 26 where the spot should’ve been and then time would’ve run out by over 2 seconds. You liked the correct spot when it was the 49ers ball though didn’t ya?

  4. Rio D says:

    “What can go wrong, will go wrong with the Dallas Cowboys” -S.A.

  5. Matt Baker says:

    None of what happened at the end really matters. Dallas should not have been in that position in the first place. They made far far too many mistakes. It was an embarrassment really.

  6. Rob says:

    Honestly, as a life long Cowboys fan. This was all on the Cowboys. They shot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions. A good team wouldn’t even be in this position in the first place. Hats off to the 49ers. They did what they had to do to win, even with players getting injured.

    • Paul Joseph says:

      @Randy Marsh Noooo, I’m saying you run the draw, gain some yards, and while dak still has time, he turns and throws the ball out of bounds slightly backwards. This way it’s not an illegal forwards pass, and you lose minimal yards. Once the ball is out of bounds, the refs by rule have to stop the clock until they set the ball. There are so many cases where players could’ve done this (this situation included) and it would’ve saved the game.

    • Randy Marsh says:

      @Paul Joseph Brady has been throwing the ball out of bounds lol

    • Kenzo Rome says:

      Much respect you are 100% right

    • Changez333 says:

      @Jason DeLeon lets not make it seem like every little play is rehursed its just about the outcome the nfl has plenty of lawsuits that protect it from fixing games because its label is sports “entertainment” just like wwe wich also has grown men fanboys

    • Mo C. says:

      I agree, 49ers fought til the end

  7. Robert Shaul says:

    100 percent agree. Refs tried everything they could. I think running that play was the problem. Theoretically it could be good you get closer but there are just too many things that can go wrong. And things went wrong.

    • viliphied says:

      If you look at where the side judge is the umpire was even willing to give them an extra 2 yards and not bring the ball back to where it should have been spotted, which would have definitely ended the game

  8. George M says:

    Between this and all the false starts etc, the Cowboys showed remarkably bad discipline. They were not ready for the playoffs.

  9. Berlin Ma says:

    Great analysis except there was one major thing that wasn’t discussed. Dak started his slide at the 26, which means the ball should’ve been spotted at the 26. The correct thing to do for the ref was to grab the ball and move it to the 26 and make the entire line move back behind the 26. Instead the ref illegally did the cowboys a huge favor and spotted it at the 24. If anyone could complain about the refs on this play it’s the 49ers.

    • Best Waifu: Nero Bride says:

      Shhh, the Cowboys need to maintain their massive victim complex

    • bernie udo says:

      Niners will always have Boys number. Home or away. This was worse with D depleted. JG with sore thumb. The streak continues.

    • ATHLETES FEET says:

      If Dak slid why were 2 niners defenders allowed to get on top of him?

    • Hogg342 says:

      @ATHLETES FEET the refs let stuff go at the end of games more then they do during the rest of the game probably because the time is running out and they must think in the moment unless someone is nerly murderd let it go not right but probably why they let stupid things go at the end of the games

    • Brandon Monte says:

      If McCarthy and Bones Fassel don’t burn a minute off the clock following the fake punt we may have seen a different ending. In the end it was undisciplined COACHES. and I hope they’re gone.

  10. MnCAlapati415 says:

    As soon as Dak ran the ball, I was thinking, “Does he know how much time is on the clock”…. Then I said to myself, “Good job buddy… GAME OVER!!” #FaithfulSince79

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