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  1. J says:

    When pretty much every boxer feels Haney lost, even those who support him. When pretty much every analyst says it too? There’s a problem, sorry

  2. J. Shuttlesworth says:

    It CAN be reversed, but we all know it won’t. They don’t have the balls to own up and fix their mistakes

  3. T'challa Bangoura says:

    🙏🏾 for all your hard work and dedication, and education you give the community, keep being great my brotha 😎

  4. 504forlife says:

    As a black man who rides for all black fighters, Hanney lost that fight he even knows it. He wasn’t as confident after the fight like he usually would be knowing everyone would say he lost. And I’m a huge Hanney fan, but I gotta keep it real. 7-5 Loma

  5. Wolfman D says:

    I had it 8/4 Loma, but rounds 1 and 2 had such low output they could easily go either way so my 8/4 could easily be 6/6. I only saw Haney solidly winning rounds 4, 5, 9, and 12. 6 and 7 were contentious but I felt Lomas combinations and counters interrupted Haney’s rhythm more effectively than those massive body shots he landed on a Loma still moving and throwing unhindered.

    A lot of their exchanges Loma got the last word. His step in overhand left snapped Haney’s head back, noticably. Haney’s body bombs, while nasty, weren’t the same visible disruption that Loma was putting on.

    Loma’s gonna be hurting every time he engages his core for the next week, even if he did his job better. Haney had an effective body strategy. The problem is he constantly got answered and had visual markers to prove Loma was getting the better angles, punched with more snap, and maintained control of the pace.

    That Jab everyone was talking about was very shy lastnight. That should tell you something.

    • Wolfman D says:

      Look at Haney’s body language on the stool after round 9. This is how a fighter looks when the plan isn’t working. And he won round 9.

      To Haney”s credit, I’m amazed he didn’t fold Loma with a couple of those nuclear kidney shots.

    • RockPileGoon says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • DEFCON ONE says:

      The reason he didn’t hurt Loma 80% of those body shots were Loma moving away at the same time which might look good on TV but it doesn’t hurt a fighter in great shape the only ones that do is when opponents are stationary and that was far and few between.

    • Wolfman D says:

      @DEFCON ONE Agreed. I argue it looks worse when a fighter walks in and out of your bodyshots and fires back. I bet Loma will be on soft foods for a while in spite of walking through all of that heat.

      In contrast, though, Haney didn’t just walk through everything Loma threw, which was difining in how I scored rounds that were close.

      Some of those powershots from Haney were hard to judge in real time, also. It took instant replay to really slow it down and show the impact, cus like you said, its tough translation on a mobile opponent as fit as Loma.

  6. Ronald De La Fuente says:

    I have never seen a decision reversed since I began watching boxing in 1976. I feel this fight was a close fight and there were no knockdowns. What I have seen over the last 47 years that in close fights with no knockdowns the defending champion almost always gets the decision. Last night was no different. This I have believed for the last 30 years in order for a challenger to beat the defending champion by decision he needs to win convincingly especially when there are no knockdowns. So last night’s results had Haney fans content and Lomachenko’s fans disappointed. I felt it was a very close fight so the decision does not surprise me nor does it bother me because I have seen way worse decisions in my opinion. In ending, I just want to say congratulations to both fighters for giving us a very competitive fight.

    • Speedy ALi says:

      very good historical explanation. I totally agree. I also believe that to take the belts from the champion you have to win the 12th rd which Loma didn’t.

    • Rikkii T says:

      @Speedy ALi not at all do I belive that. I belive that the judges should see it how it is and score it properly

    • Aboogie730 says:

      I also have watched boxing 🥊 over 40 years and believe there was four swing rounds but it was clear that Loma won that fight

    • East West says:

      To keep it 💯 Lomas best days are behind him. the only reason the fight was even competitive is cause Haney doesn’t have any real pop. Otherwise, the accumulation of body shots would’ve put an end to that fight

    • Videos says:

      Boxing fans stunned after controversial 1991 Jeff Fenech fight overturned

  7. Burn Wan says:

    Not only was it a robbery but I also think Haney is about to move up to 140 and hold the belts for a little while because he knows he don’t have the talent to beat Shakur or Tank. Which is sad because I want to see the good fights.😔 Loma won the fight fair and square. Loma had all odds stacked against him being the smaller guy or as Haney once said he’s to old. His performance even progressed throughout the fight. I have so much respect for you Bizz it’s not even funny because for you to say Loma was robbed and you had money on Haney tells me you honestly from the bottom of your heart love the sport and don’t just do it for the money. I will always be a huge fan man and thank you so much for trying to bring back life to this sport. LOVE YOU BOY‼️

  8. KD William's says:

    I watched it twice right after they announced Devin won. I turned down the volume and scored round by round. I gave rounds 1,2,4,6,7, and 12 as definitive rounds for Devin. I had 3,5,10, and 11 as clear rounds for Loma. That means 8 and 9, the swing rounds was the deciding factors for the fight. I didn’t know who was gonna win when they announced the winner of the fight. But I had it 7-5 in the end just like 2 other judges did. That 116-112 card was wild but him winning by a round on 2 judges card is a close fight and emotional watchers of a fight gotta understand that.

    • victor covington says:

      Thank U

    • Cha Bangers says:

      Thank you if it’s a 12 round fight and they split with 6 and no knockdown the belts usually stay with the Champion. If Loma had the belts they would of ruled In his favor …not enough was done on either side to warrant a belt change

  9. Siaosi Ilaiu says:

    A perfect analysis of the whole saga. We need an objective perspective on hard issues, and you nailed it here. Good on you.

  10. Reality Sux_01 says:

    Haney’s corner and his fans were holding their breath during the decision. They were anxious and quiet while Loma’s corner was happy and the fans knew he won?🤷🏻‍♂️

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