BREAKING: Roger Stone Exposes Plan To Overthrow Trump

BREAKING: Roger Stone Exposes Plan To Overthrow Trump

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20 Responses

  1. Ruben Loaiza says:

    Trump is the resistance of the globalist

  2. jay shawn says:

    These motherfucking jews in his cabinet, in the government, and in the media are workign overtime trying to overthrow this president. I fuckign hate these people more than ever knowing how treacherous they are.

  3. jacob lacoste says:

    Alex please take a fuckin break. Your giving ur self high blood pressure

  4. 777WAKEUPCALL says:


  5. Turboman 1776 says:

    You don’t get news like this anywhere else!!!

  6. America's Finally 1st says:

    I’m guessing that if Trump is forcibly removed, a civil war will break out.

  7. Comrade Pavel_The_Hacker says:

    send mccain back to the vietkong, and have them deal with N. Korea. Get rid of Priebus and Spicer. McCabe needs to go. Thats on Trump’s agenda. The guy is focused and this nonsense is nothing new to him.. he ignores it and keeps going.

    We need to help him drain the swamp by getting Ryan, Graham and all the other swamp monsters, including the Pelosi’s of the world. Spring Cleaning people. Dig up some good dirt!

  8. Queen Khadeeya says:

    As AN American ( a free Thinker)race is not an issue for me, it’s about leadership!!! upon this leadership President Trump is a True leader who leads as what he sees is right and he will deliver on his promises to the American people . I love the fact he can’t be brought by the Leadest: the Clintons, Bushes and the 1 %.
    I really dig his TUFFNESS . (Lion)

  9. cassus belli says:

    these freaks try to take him out its gonna be a bloody year.If this happens we all have to get violent no holds barred and no compromise. Or were done for

  10. Buzz Saw says:

    Cuck driver shouting from his car. What a pussy lol.

  11. David James says:

    I support Trump, and there are more leaving CNN and the Democratic Party daily.

  12. Delphina DeGuzman says:

    God is not going to allow this…God has his army of prayer warriors praying against Satan and his plans…the battle belongs to the Lord….God annointed him to lead this Nation for such a time as this…I can hard wait to see what God is going to do…

  13. SAUNDRA COUNCE says:

    This is the result of James Comey firing and a visit from Henry Kissinger.
    They are pulling out ALL of the stops to shut down pedophillia investigation.
    #Pedogate #Pizzagate

  14. Iman Vanc says:

    Killary killed Seth Rich

  15. Tonya Carpenter says:

    And Hitlery is the picture of mental health? Haha. In Jesus name, I rebuke this evil plan to oust Trump, and say it will utterly fail! God will not be mocked and all the child diddlers are going down!

  16. Gabe King says:

    If you oppose murdering children in the womb…. love the American flag…. love the American founding fathers….. and support the Bill of Rights……


  17. ScoutFighter #1 says:

    I live in Canada and the people here are slowly opening their eyes. The democrats are digging themselves a big whole they will never be able to get out of. Nobody likes a bully! The US leads the world and we are right behind them. The fait of the world is in your guys hands. Stand strong and defeat these phoney liars not only for the USA but for the rest of us. Canada is for Trump!

  18. Ryan Gallant says:

    Clintons are about to go down for pedophilia! They didn’t just put 1.6 billion in a Rothschild Swiss Bank and Quatar for no reason! Nice and ready to run when shit hits the fan!

  19. terrie martin says:

    I heard it was Hillary Clinton who has altzheimers. This is crazy!

  20. Generation Identity says:

    I’m from Britain, most of the country is brainwashed to more of an extent than America.

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