Breaking Up

Breaking Up

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67 Responses

  1. Closhy says:

    Can’t break up if you can’t have a boyfriend to begin with ?

    *cries for eternity*

  2. Am0 says:

    What the hell…I’m in fear that I might break up with my girlfriend right now since we are in a really hard time as a couple at the moment between exams to give and a some things that went wrong in the past month, and then this video comes out. What a timing and what a sad, sad reminder…life sometimes enjoys to slap you in the face, huh

    • Aim says:

      Damn man me too..

    • Aim says:

      Except I’m worried that THEY would break up with me

    • Sec says:

      Maybe life was doing you a favor, telling you how to deal with it

    • Miguel Guzman says:

      Aim I feel you. By the way: my ex girl broke up with me because she apparently had “family problems” but a month later she told me she was talking to another guy. The same asshole who didn’t respect my relationship with her and probably kept trying to get at my girl behind my back during our relationship. But You gotta be strong and deal through those hard times. Trust me, you’ll survive.

    • Lemey Nameless says:

      My partner and I broke up and got back together in just a few hours a couple of days ago and our relationship is still not entirely stable. I’m not sure how it happened because we love each other very much. Things escalated very fast, but luckily we talked and changed our minds. It really seems like it’s breakup season, because many people I know are going through the exact same thing.
      December is a stressful month. I wish you the best of luck with your relationship!

  3. JKP Animation says:

    I’m glad you got your explanation, Dom.

  4. Arctica The Fox says:

    Is it silly to never engage in a relationship because you are scared of what could potentially happen during or after the relationship? I’ve had many crushes but NEVER acted on ANY of them, mostly because I’m scared about breaking up and it feels weird to be in a relationship since I have no idea what to do in a “relationship”. Isn’t it basically just having friends but much closer friends than best friends? More like family? Idk man, love is weird

    • Cole the tornado says:

      I’m currently in my first relationship, we both love each other. And it’s pretty confusing what to do since it’s both of our firsts. But lemme tell you this: It feels amazing to know that there is someone who loves you as much as you love them. Will it be worth it in the end? I don’t know the answer to that right now, but for now, it feels amazing. Don’t be afraid to take chances. ?

    • InkyGoat says:

      if you love them and they love you then all that “what to do in a relationship” stuff will come easily.
      though some tips i will i knew:
      1. Don’t talk future plans, and i mean anything more than the time you’ve already been together
      2. If there is something you don’t like about the relationship don’t say ‘i’ts ok’ and leave it, tell them, they care and they will help you feel more comfortable

    • arry animations says:

      Anybody interested in reviewing my animations though ?

    • Skywalker GD says:

      I feel that dude.

    • Nice Name says:

      Bro like 2 weeks ago I finally got the balls to tell my crush I liked her. This is the first time I ever told one of my crushes I liked her. She is one of the prettiest girls in the school and everybody knows her. Im lucky she is not like those bitches who only like popular guys, instead, she is friends with everybody, even the nerds. Thats how I started liking her. Then, after 7 months of knowing her (we were best friends, which I think was also an influence in her answer) I told her how much I liked her. Shes now mi gf.also Im not even that handsome but I try to be as nice as possible with everyone.
      What Im saying is, if you tell your crush you like her, you might face rejection, but if you dont, she might even like you and you will never find out! Take the risk!!!

  5. Wolfy GAMING says:

    I broke u with my girlfriend not to long ago so you right

  6. Help says:

    *”It’s not me, it’s you.”*

  7. D Roddy says:

    Mmmmm… Its over. You!! Me! OVER!!! Sorry Dom, I’m unsubscribing.

    Dom take me back. I’m sorry?? I couldn’t unsubscribe.

  8. Warden says:

    It sure is tough.

  9. Awkward Girl says:

    When you’re not in a relationship.

    *Cries in a corner*

    When you’re relationship ended.

    *Cries in a corner*

    Sooo… I guess we will never stop crying.

  10. Trinicorn says:

    mmm this new animation style looks frESH

  11. Alexis Webb says:

    I love your videos!!!!

  12. Fox Vlogs says:

    I Think You Realized that full color animations were a bad idea…

  13. Sanha's Braces & Hwall's Archery Skills says:

    *Any single pringles questioning why they’re watching this video?*

  14. Caboom Thomas says:

    Its been about a week since I broke up with my girlfriend. We only dated for like 3 days. I’ve always studied and watched these videos about good and healthy relationships and how long they would be sustained if you played your cards correctly. And so I did, I called her almost every day and night for the past 3 days, always asking her whether she had her lunch or her dinner, asked her about her day and every time we ended the call ill say “I love you”.
    On the third day she didn’t answer any of my calls or messages, I got really worried, then after the whole day, finally she texts me and says “I don’t think I wanna be together anymore”. After all that effort. I couldn’t just sit there and keep quiet so I asked her “what did I do wrong? “. Then she does the old cheesy its not you its me. She said “I just didn’t feel comfortable around boys”. At first I didn’t know how to respond to that question, so I asked her “what do you mean?” Then she says “I think I’m a lesbian”

    Oh well………..

    Thank you, next

  15. SoniasWay says:

    I just broke up with my imaginary boyfriend too, cuz….. He dumped me ?
    Anyway I also try to make animated videos to tell stories, about stuff and things ??

  16. elmo says:

    You both dont see eye to eye
    You dont have the same humor
    *her father is racist*

  17. GehLump says:

    Who else here before it goes trending ?‍♂️

  18. Dimitri J says:

    bold of you to assume that I have a girlfriend

  19. Ashley Duran says:

    I dated a guy for 3 yrs and he even planned on proposing to me eariler this year(things came up in both our lives so it had to be put on hold)… Until September when everything came crashing down, not only in my relationship but with life in general. He was at my house for 2 days acting like everything was perfectly fine between us, we did all the usual stuff we normally would do when he was over and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The night he left for “work” I get get a message from his number saying we were through and got blocked on everthing… 2 days later I come to find out that he had been cheating on me for over a month and it was his new girl that sent me the message… He didnt even have the balls to break up with me himself… Then this girl starts messaging me out of no where threatening to file harrasment charges against me and called me a crazy bitch and forbid me from ever talking to him again even though I literally never said anything to her and didnt even know who she was(and I’m apparently the crazy one). They made his mom come get his stuff from my house and it broke my heart because she was crying and angry with him and apparently he has gotten so bad and into so much trouble with her that even his own mom was cutting him out of her life… Not to mention I just found out not too long ago that he got her pregnant while we were still dating… I’m done with dating for at least another 3 yrs… After all the bs thats gone on in my life this year its about time I just took a break and focused on myself.

  20. arry animations says:

    And i here wonder when will my animations get on this level ?.

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