Brent Pella – Why You Shouldn’t Fly on Spirit Airlines

Brent Pella – Why You Shouldn’t Fly on Spirit Airlines

Traveling for the holidays? Think twice before flying with Spirit Airlines…based on a true experience from comedian Brent Pella!

Instagram – @BrentPella
Tour Dates & more –

Written & performed by Brent Pella

Animated by Karli Melder –

Backgrounds by Tyler Johnson –

Recorded live at The Set-Up in San Francisco, CA 10/21/2017

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41 Responses

  1. Jordan Gibbler says:

    i like motel 6 so disliked

  2. Duncan MacKenzie says:

    This is why I love Reddit

  3. sushpants says:

    Hilarious animation! You should make more of these!

  4. a n y p r a x says:

    that was really good.

    you should do more of these

  5. Kilt Advocate says:

    This was very entertaining. I’m happy I watched. β›΅

  6. slycooper759 says:

    I’d fuck Janice

  7. fiatpandaman999 says:

    The animation made this, loved it!!

  8. Matthew O'Brien says:

    My god janice’ animation is gold.

  9. Veruc says:

    The shtick is a ripoff of Dane Cook, thus awful.

  10. Jorge Ramirez says:

    God, this is the perfect kind of cringe humor that reddit nerds eat up.

    I love the info I get from reddit, but by God is the community a bunch of cornballs.

  11. holycowrap says:

    le reddit army is here ecksdee

  12. B E Dorset says:

    Was the audience drunk?

  13. xCestLaVie1 says:

    The whole story is about a comedian failing to understand the humour of a flight attendant, pretty ironic.

  14. pentuplemintgum666 says:

    Aww man, Fuck that guy that blurted out the punchline at the end. Don’t be that dickhead if you’re ever at a comedy show. You’re there to listen and laugh or boo if necessary. Speak only if the comic asks you to or if they single you out. You came there to SEE a show, not to BE the show. The comic tells the jokes. Comedy is all about timing, and random dipshits have the worst.

  15. Xavier Franco says:

    For those of us with no money to fly it’s far from being the worst airline.

  16. Rinzler says:

    This guy has the exact same tone, inflections, and delivery of Dane Cook in his prime. That’s a compliment.

  17. ThatGamer says:

    Cringily bad

  18. Lordborg2184 says:

    Janice is my new spirit animal

  19. lightning says:

    Oh god I fuckin hate this airline, not even that much cheaper than others too all extra charges accounted for

  20. Ms. Duffy says:

    Lol I’m getting on spirit airlines next week πŸ˜‚

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