Bretman Rock & His Sister Hug It Out In This Tearful Reunion 😢 Ep. 4 | MTV’s Following Season 2

Bretman Rock & His Sister Hug It Out In This Tearful Reunion 😢 Ep. 4 | MTV’s Following Season 2

Still focused on his personal growth after his solo therapy session, Bretman seeks guidance from a spiritual healer, and his bestie Bella Poarch, before calling the gang to the beach for an important announcement. Meanwhile, Miss Kay joins Princess and Jurey for a game of HORSE with dire consequences 💦

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27 Responses

  1. MTV says:

    Catch up on Season 2 from the beginning:

  2. Donna Leia says:

    Princess is good at writing. They should encourage her more on that. I feel like that letter was very thoughtful and touching. She literally write her heart out and inspire so many people.

    • Life of Manny Vlogs says:

      She made me cry because I’m going through a similar situation with my sister I just wish we could do this

    • Vangeline Largo says:

      yeah thats why bretman really push her into music because she have a great voice too.

  3. Sntacruz says:

    The way Bretman treats ms Kay is exactly how princess wants to be treated

    • Cathy says:

      @Ahah ok , maybe she just have a lot of priorities especially when trying to raise two children. But at the same time, the help that she has received and did not realise that it was there and did not take a full advantage of it. Princess is too dependent to Bretman. Like Ms Kay said, what if Bretman is not here anymore, who is going to water you? Ms Kay has a point! Princess need to know how to stand on her own ground, learn to encourage and motivate herself and practice it. She will be able to accomplish so many things, Princess need to learn.

    • Emer J Tabisaura says:

      @Alexis M. I really appreciate this❤️

    • Luvo Nkole says:

      That’s true but there’s a whole other relationship dynamic there that has its own traumas and triumphs. From the outside it’s what we think Princess deserves and “wants” but internally, we don’t know what Miss Kay is reciprocating in her relationship with Bretman. No relationship is the same. No love is the same. I hope they finally get to the root of their relationship problems. ❤

    • nick_43 says:

      @Ines Guerreiro thats pretty normal and people still find a way to finish

    • Miguel Herrera says:


  4. Congee Kitty says:

    If you’re choosing between Princess or Bret and dismissing one over the other, I encourage you to have empathy for both. Neither person is wrong, they’re both human and they’re both growing. I congratulate them on the journey they’re embarking on, it takes so much courage to do that.

  5. SHINee fouzia says:

    Bretman really stepped his communication game up writing that letter to Mai and so did she. That was a heartwarming moment✨
    That was beautiful af ❤️🔥

  6. Becky Diaz says:

    When she said she wanted to let go of “the hurt, pain, and depression they might have caused each other,” — I immediately started crying 😭
    reminds me of me and my sisters

  7. Kilolo says:

    Bretman & Princess got me crying with their letters 😩 omg this episode was 🔥

  8. itsmekxbby says:

    This show is honestly such a nice breathe of fresh air. As and avid watcher of reality TV, you often get tired of the saturated drama-filled storylines they come out with every season. This is so much more different though. I love how all of them wear their hearts on their sleeves and are just so authentic and raw when it comes to dealing with their struggles. Whether it’s the current rift between princess and bretman, keiffer and her gender identity, the resentment bretman may have for his father, all of these have been juggled so well. In addition to that, they’re funny in a way where they’re not viciously tearing each other down, sure they may crack jokes at the expense of each other here and there, but it’s all love. The smiles are real, the tears are real, the laughter is real, it feels like having a kiki with friends almost, I love it 🤍

  9. chateaa says:

    Just started to watch this show today and here waiting for next episode. I guess its very timely I need this show right now. Having own traumas that you can’t discuss w/ your own family. So relateable!

  10. Ivy Ikimotu says:


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