Brett Eldredge – The Long Way (Official Music Video)

Brett Eldredge – The Long Way (Official Music Video)

Brett’s self titled album is now available!
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Music video by Brett Eldredge. ©2017 Atlantic Recording Corporation.

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20 Responses

  1. Alysha Ferrenti-Braden says:

    Excuse me while I go take the long way around town now. Such relationship goals in this music video. Beautifully done.

  2. Alexandra Gartner says:

    Love it! #relationashipgoals <3

  3. Anthony Ammerman says:

    Gives me chills every time I listen. Nothing better than Brett’s voice on a crappy Monday morning!

  4. Danielle5284 says:

    Beautiful song and video! The video was definitely worth the hype he’s been putting on snapchat lol. And miss Sadie looking stunning as always!

  5. AnimeFriendship says:

    This song hits me so deeply ❤️ Beautiful is an understatement! KEEP AT IT BREETT

  6. Megan Brooke T says:

    Only an 11 year age difference… that’s not much…who am I kidding, still weird

  7. ZSwizzie says:


  8. Bronte Towler says:

    Could have used an older woman for this video …..

  9. Michaela Budd says:

    Oh my goodness that is the cutest video ever!! I love it!

  10. abo arangham says:

    Who is here before 1 mil ? 🙌

  11. pinkunicornglitter says:

    Sadie is beautiful! Definitely wish I was her in this video though. Brett is so handsome.

  12. Tristan Munro says:

    Man this song has so much meaning there aren’t many song made like this anymore 🙂 absolutely beautiful😍

  13. Emily Ivey says:

    GOSH TO BE HER! She so lucky! LOVE YOU BRETT!

  14. Emily Perkins says:

    Y’all do know it’s just a video right?

  15. Victoriousss says:

    Y’all acting as if they’re being sexual, all they did was hold hands and rub each other’s head,

  16. kurdishgurl11 says:

    So freaking cute!!!

  17. Kathryn A says:

    I think the real problem is how young she looks. From the thumbnail, I thought this was gonna be a sweet daddy-daughter song.

  18. skylife says:


  19. Nut Meg Girl says:


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