Brewstew – Backyard Ablaze

Brewstew – Backyard Ablaze

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31 Responses

  1. Saltz says:

    I love how tyler never uses cursing when his kids are involved but the second their off camera its normal brewstew vulgarity.

  2. VHS Valdes Has Spoken says:

    The animation hasn’t changed, and the continuity of running gags hasn’t either they have simply evolved, which is 95% the charm of this show.

  3. cal1bur says:

    Its nice thats he’s still making these great videos after 10 years. Respect man 👍

  4. Link77 says:

    This man is probably an amazing dad, he even left his kids out of his video to protect them, what a good man.

  5. Malegria says:

    Respect to you for keeping your kids privacy intact

  6. TheTalentlessWriter says:

    I can’t imagine stomping on a fire, it would ruin my Jordans

  7. red panda says:

    I always appreciate when he gives us proof of what happened just a tiny thing that makes brew stew so great

  8. Louis Santon says:

    These stories are freaking awesome and funny as hell, and they have honestly gotten me through the hardest time in my life. Thanks Brewstew

  9. The Storytelling Dad says:

    It’s always a good day when Brewstew drops a new one.

  10. Gypsyslayer108 says:

    Gotta love how for the past decade the animation style hasn’t changed once

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