Brewstew – Better Than A Movie?

Brewstew – Better Than A Movie?

I mean … I think it was.

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45 Responses

  1. @brewstew says:

    Shit I know you. You’re Merrill Hess!

  2. @itsmainlane says:

    Consistent brewstew is a rare blessing

  3. @thegreatcalvinio says:

    Two margaritas? Must have been Tyler’s dad mixing the drinks to make them drunker than two stepdads.

  4. @Musicbox_the_paranoid says:

    This guy has stories after his childhood that does not have Michael. What a guy. Keep it up 👍

  5. @DanGamingFan2846 says:

    That’s why I love police bodycam vodeos so much, the stupid ridiculous things people think they can do or say to get out of jail is hilarious. And I’m so jealous you and your wife essentially got free front row seats to a live show. Beats Joker in theaters any day.

  6. @HeisenbergFam says:

    Brew’s wife voice is golden, he is truly the wife we all need

  7. @jimmybarnes1551 says:

    It’s about time I always need more Brew stew in my life

  8. @rolandov8761 says:

    This man is lucky to have a beautiful wife who loves him along with kids who love him too. Can we appreciate this man is putting so much effort into making these vids and telling his stories to us? I sure do.

  9. @Charlotte__Single__again says:

    You know its a good decade when brewstew uploads

  10. @thegoat.515 says:

    who needs the joker when you have a drunk guy getting a dui right? great video brewstew 😂

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