Brewstew – Cops & Robbers

Brewstew – Cops & Robbers

We were playing it right … right?
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26 Responses

  1. dan_gaming_fan says:

    Crooked Cops and Robbers would be the best freaking show on television. Can we please make it happen?

  2. LameloXanderson says:

    The part where he was like “aw look at the sweet children , playing their games “ “quick we need to plant the cocaine “ has me rolling 💀

  3. Tnr_eli says:

    Brestew never disappoints

  4. Peter Froloff says:

    This dude never fails to disappoint. How? I don’t know gimme a wiffle ball bat and we’ll get him to talk

  5. Moisés says:

    Can we just appreciate the amount of effort brewstew puts into remembering his childhood?

  6. Libby Detar says:

    Never failing to disappoint us with a great Michael episode. Thank you Brewstew!

  7. Banana PajamaZzZz says:

    The only channel when I see the notification I’ll immediately click on. This man never misses

  8. Alyssa j Broken says:

    So much nostalgia. I loved cops and robbers.

  9. Briella Barbara says:

    Brewstew never gets old let’s be honest

  10. FANGZ says:

    I can’t get enough of Brewstew

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