Brewstew – Ghost Hunt

Brewstew – Ghost Hunt

It was a spook-tacular night at the former Mansfield State Reformatory. Special thanks to the Ghost Hunting Team-errr … Soeciety for letting us tag along

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41 Responses

  1. EsquivelProductions says:

    As I speak, this video has been posted no more than a minute ago. It is already sitting at 1.3k likes. You have a dedicated fanbase. It’s wonderful.

  2. I like this guy I’m watching says:

    brewstew comes back every 50 years and it never gets worse

  3. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    They learned from the Haunted Duplex experience. Always get Taco Bell, it’s the only way to appease the spirits. Also, Brewer really needs to work on his Morgan Freeman impersonation; didn’t sound a thing like him.

  4. psychobeam99 says:

    I think the best part about Brewstew is that he takes us back to better, happier times with stories a lot of us can relate to.

  5. WizardB says:

    brewstew vids are one of the only things getting me through this year

  6. thatoneguy says:

    You make thousands of lives happier by telling your crazy ass stories Tyler, these are so entertaining, your writing is great, comedy is great, and delivery. No matter what these always make me smile, take care dude.

    • Diego Santos says:

      hey Brew Stew if you want any other Haunted locations to visit Hit me up

    • Diego Santos says:

      if you need any help finding what thrill seeking equipment i am your guy

    • Juggalo909 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Nothing like starting my day with great comedy. What a life you lead Tyler. Sure as hell is alot more exciting than my shitty life…

  7. ivanbluecool says:

    Brewstew and ghosts are a match made in heaven

  8. CrazyAngry says:

    The fact that this one took forever goes to show how much he really enjoys making these videos.

  9. 𖤐Alice Viens𖤐 says:

    How did you know I was binge watching your content again and craving more? Im excited as hell.

  10. Tyler Dunn says:

    I have been watching these videos for like 4 years and haven’t missed one lmao they’re the best

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