Brewstew – Gym Class

Brewstew – Gym Class

Square Dancing made me the man I am today

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Juvenile – Back that thing up

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45 Responses

  1. PlasticRice says:

    When BrewStew uploads, I know ir’s gonna be a good day.

  2. PlasticRice says:

    Why is Brewstew always being partnered with these 6′-tall bench-pressing linebacker women ??

  3. Police Marksmen says:

    360p burns my eyes on a large monitor.

    My eyes.

  4. Joe says:

    Been here since about 50k and absolute love ur videos proper make my days 100 times better

  5. PlasticRice says:

    Alien: Hello! 🙂

    People storming area 51: 0:55

  6. Luvitus says:

    Me: “I’m scared of brewstew’s openings”

    Therapist: “Alright le-”


  7. psygn0sis says:

    42″ 1080p tv stuck on 360p hurts my eyes.

  8. Big Dundy says:

    I swear I jsut got deja vu, I’ve definitely seen the thumbnail for this video before tf ??

  9. PyxtilAny says:

    I never did square dancing, but we did do line dancing.
    And swimming. I liked swimming

  10. Leanne Laidlaw says:

    omg we used to do square dancing in music class, it was horrible!!

    Is this what PTSD feels like?

  11. Sub to AwesomeDeer says:

    Brewstew uploads
    Me: well I have to wait another month. lol brewstew is the best

  12. Mulerider says:

    Hears the words “square dancing”

    Fortunate Son plays while flash backs happen.

  13. Ben’s #1 Cultist says:

    1:47 that legit looks like my dad listening to music
    My dad after going to Texas 3:20

  14. Pilot says:

    Gym teachers: WHY ARENT YOU RUNNING?

    also gym teacher: ???

  15. q ü ï ñ ć ÿ says:

    no one:
    big Bertha lady: *licks lips aggressively*

  16. Grant Kuchnicki says:

    Zachary: “One time I’ve seen the Grave Digger Jump over a school bus and I almost ShAt myself.”

    Me: I was thinking the same thing

  17. FNG Waffles says:

    “Ugh, the do-si-do!”

    “Yes, yes, spinning! Happy memories!”

    “And we’re done! Off to hang myself”

  18. David W says:

    “The fitnessgram Pacer test is a…”

    My lungs: Ah shit, here we go again

  19. RTF Jake says:

    Brewstrew: uploads a gym class video

    Me: shows my gym teacher this video

    Gym teacher: Plays this full volume on their phone

  20. ScopeShot says:

    Wassup random finger scrollin through the comments,

    have a fantastic rest of your day!

    Love from a small content creator 🙂

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