Brewstew – Midnight Mayhem

Brewstew – Midnight Mayhem

Guess what time it is

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63 Responses

  1. Sam Personguy says:

    I’m gonna be honest, they probably should have gotten that checked

    • Juha Jurva says:

      My parents are probaly happy that i dont do that anymore, its not sleep paralysis, i can remember some funky ass dream and i litle bit know what im doing but cant stop, it just pops betveen the dream and reality but eventualy i wake up totaly. It totaly stopped happening in 7 grade.

    • Icefang musik says:

      I am 20, I started doing this when I was 12. It’s called Night Terrors and they can happen from PTSD, Dissociation Disorders, and even ADHD. There is medication for it you can be diagnosed with it as I have. “What’s the worst that can happen” well one time I woke up, in my boxers, standing in the middle of the road in the pouring rain down the street from my house, and no I did not fall asleep there I had fallen asleep in my bed. Another bad part about this is during the “panic” state you are in the fight or flight response, which means your heart is constantly being pumped with adrenaline and at some points I just hyperventilate till I pass out, but it can literally cause you to have a heart attack. All this being said tho this video was super funny but I do hope that kid is alright now, and I hope some people were informed.

    • Icefang musik says:

      TheDudeCalledAlan check my reply above^

    • counterstrike boi says:

      U mean…

      A *V I B E C H E C K*


    Friend: *freaks out*

    Me: Out of this house,out of this house!spirits shall begone from this house!

  3. The Unarmed Fence says:

    Brewstew: ‘says alright’

    Me: *happiness noises*

  4. Dani Rijnsburger says:

    And I thought I had a weird childhood with some weird people around, but damn this guy’s had a rough one eh?

  5. Super Mario Jarius says:

    1:27 Whenever my Dad gets drunk

  6. West BranchBall says:

    “Comes Running in like there’s a Wolverine is in the house” is that a Ohio joke (does that place even exist?) or just some reference I didn’t get

    I’m talking about a Ohioan making fun of Michigan

  7. Al Rich says:

    “She’s short and skinny, but she’s strong. Her last baby, come out sideways and she didn’t scream or nothin!” -Owen.

  8. darkwarr80 says:

    Little did Tyler know that he would later meet this same demon while living in a shitty duplex.

  9. Space Shuttle says:

    That animating when he ran in a circle was on point for 2-d animations!

  10. Madlm says:

    “Alright”. Inner peace restored

  11. Noah Klucharich says:

    Ah, nothing like a good “alright” to help my day out.

  12. Matt Flaherty says:

    David: *”Frantic screaming”*
    Steven’s mom: *”peace was never an option”*

  13. Smitsa says:

    I still have this I’ve ran out my house at like 3 naked not just once but twice Second time I got locked out ahahaha

    • Juha Jurva says:

      I had that, but what would you call it, because i would like to investicate that. Once i ran out in the midle of the winter and just went a sleep in our cold storage building. My brother one time drowe his car 6km from his house to here while sleeping.

    • Krypto Deku says:

      Reminds me of a story a shooting happened next to my house so we left but i had no pants on and my dad had to grab them i was like 3 because we left

  14. Koby Rennie says:

    “Flashbacks of Charlie in the tree”


  15. thegreatcalvinio says:

    David was having nightmares of Uncle Rick’s platoon getting ambushed in ‘Nam…

  16. MLT says:

    The real question is why wouldnt his mom, oh idk, WARN OTHER PARENTS WHEN HE’S STAYING AT THEIR HOUSE?!?!?

  17. 14potatoesinabag says:

    David’s brain probably had a dream about him storming the beaches of Normandy

  18. ChildOfYHWHシ says:

    My brother did the same thing he’d also cry too he had sleep apnea I believe. He wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain and it’ll make him wake up like that.

  19. Jackson Gasz says:

    Basically all the comments are about him saying “alright”

  20. Sixth Sense says:

    Just googled it. Says it’s “sleep terrors”. But obviously we all know he was/is possessed by a redhorned devil.

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