Brewstew – Scariest Roller Coasters

Brewstew – Scariest Roller Coasters

And of course, the video about when I actually did get stuck on a roller coaster

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20 Responses

  1. TheKingHomie says:

    God I hope this man never runs out of stories to entertain us with

  2. benboyrocks0 says:

    As a former Cedar Point worker who worked all three of these rides, this made me laugh so much

  3. Jake Moeller says:

    I’m 70 and I always look forward to the hilarity of your videos! No matter how old we get, those memories are always with us. Thank you!

  4. CZsWorld says:

    No Steel Vengeance? L. Adding “The” to the front of every coaster title? L. Australian voice? W.

  5. Thomas McMahon says:

    As an Australian….I bloody loved this cobba. Crikey and spot on. Keep the vids coming @Brewstew. I watch these almost every night for the past 3 years.

  6. ImRavage says:

    Honestly the stories with Tyler and his friends in his childhood are some of my favorites on this channel, I love them all

  7. Sniper God says:

    When Tyler uploads it’s like Christmas, it’s always worth the wait

  8. povclown says:

    im loving these videos, i always have loved them for the whole 3 years ive been watching this content. keep it up

  9. Maximus says:

    This might be the best Brewstew video yet. I was giggling my ass off the whole time. I’m seriously about to rewatch it

  10. Sgt Clebeaner says:

    It amazes me how far this channel has come along, been here since the first story time animations. BREWSTEW FOREVER

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