Brewstew – School Field Trip

Brewstew – School Field Trip

This ain’t the art museum

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52 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    My dad told me I couldnt go because he says I suck at bowling

  2. zoomi123 says:

    Other youtubers: what’s going on guys


  3. Rudy’s Reviews says:

    I remember when our school had a field trip to the bowling alley, about half way through, the power went out and we didn’t bowl the rest of the time.

  4. T L Shorty Shorty says:

    I read this as “School Failed Trip.”

    Probably was one.

  5. Aberration says:

    I’m just thinking about Tyler sitting in his closet making slurping noises for this video

  6. Nikolai012 F says:

    “Brandons dad was the worst chaperone”
    Our school does a canned food drive and teachers drive around so students can pick up the food, the spanish teacher let kids ride in the trunk because there was no more room in the car

    • sam pound says:

      @Martin Dhistory learn it

    • Martin D says:

      @sam pound So your claim is that in the 1800s these illegal Spanish immigrants arrived in the trunks of cars?

      And you think that _I_ need to learn my history?

    • sam pound says:

      @Martin D actually no your not paying attention to the text and you really don’t know what language the speak in Mexico hint:it’s Spanish and I’m saying the tried to get out / smuggle out of the Spanish city’s because of the pluge and they had laws to keep the pluge from spreading faster than it was

    • Martin D says:

      @sam pound And did they do it in the trunks of cars as you originally claimed?

    • Try Hard says:

      Let me guess, Florida?

  7. Daniel Livak says:

    Brewstew just doesn’t get paid much and it’s sad.

  8. Deemø_Artz says:

    Me: such a bad day today
    Tyler: Alright,

  9. SuicideNeil says:

    I went to school with a pair of twins who had incontinence; nearly every day they would go to the toilet / changing room with their little wash bag, come back a few minutes later smelling of shit. One time a few of us went to the toilet just after they did and there was shit on the bar of soap next to the sink ( it was the 80s, before the days of liquid soap dispensers being common place, sadly ). Dirty little bastards…

  10. Epicgamer says:

    You forgot to add the “previously filmed”

  11. AuRoara Animations says:

    *crack heads*
    *cracked mirrors*
    *hugh janise*

    So many cracks o_O

  12. ATAEA Productions- Cody says:

    God I missed that “alright”

  13. Emma Beyer says:

    I love the reference to Eric the Bartender from “Happy Hour”

  14. I_sweat says:

    “HeY LEt Me teAch yoU HoW tO maKe A CoiN CleaN wiTh yOuR moUtH” ( he probably was the 1st guy in America to get corona I’m half kidding ).

  15. Bludix Elite says:

    2020: Schools closed
    Brewstew: “Lets talk about school, a field trip.”

  16. dep_choppa999 hope says:

    The dislike are Eric on different accounts

  17. Tefdon08 YT says:

    literally no one:

    Ad: take some more dont be shy


    Brandon’s dad and micheals stepdad should be friends

  19. Michael’s Stepdad says:

    Hopefully the teacher gives Michael ten solid ones across the pooper. Let’s see!

  20. Abdul M says:

    I lost it at “hurling 14 pound bowling bowls” XD

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