Brewstew – The ‘Bonus’ Recess

Brewstew – The ‘Bonus’ Recess

Special thanks to all the kids that have embarrassed themselves in school, all for the greater good.

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37 Responses

  1. Mekipelk says:

    The jokes never change, Not even the art changes. What a man

  2. CappedOff 9141 says:

    Brewstew is basically the one dad that’s has so many childhood stories that he may as well have a tv show at this point of the internet

    • FunniMexican13 says:

      @Edwardit actually does because if you look Brewstew up it says it’s an Animated Series

    • Argol228 says:

      @FirePaw X why TV, it is not the big thing it used to be.

    • The guy who asked says:

      @BUCK GAMING no there’s a lot of evidence that proves he did exist
      But he wasn’t the son of god he was a normal person we liked because he told us not to be a dick (common sense)

    • Kavin Ravi says:

      @BUCK GAMING Jesus did exist and was real but i dont think he was related to god or a higher power and im pretty sure you dont either

  3. Jonas Larsson says:

    Brewstew dropping a video is the best part of the day. It’s like a recess for adult children.

  4. Tigerbread says:

    I love how Brewstew can make me go from depressed to dying laughing

  5. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    Man, I wish my classes got a second recess. Whenever someone threw up, or peed themselves in class, everyone just stood out in the hall, like it was a police line up. Well, at least it’s a lot harder to choke yourself with a windbreaker that way.

    • MsTheCommentator says:

      Same as the others, they just called in a janitor and we were expected to keep learning while they cleaned up the biohazard

    • TESO - Ambience says:


    • Dru Stephan says:

      Stood out in the hall? My school just called the janitor and the rest of us carried on with class like normal.

    • Paige Mick says:

      I remember in my elementary school, the grades usually got two or three recesses anyway, with kindergarten getting four.

    • Brittney Cheshire says:

      @Illusions Sport Cards Memorabilialearning how to vomit more than u already were lol

  6. Commander Beepo says:

    No matter how bad your day is going or how screwed up the earth is at the moment, a new brewstew video will always bring light to these dark days

  7. Joshua Amos says:

    This man need to get a tv show, he’s so funny

    HBO take notes

  8. Gigi says:

    Somebody get this man a reward cause these stories are to good

  9. SpikyPikachu 116 says:

    As a used to be kid, I can confirm, that two recesses were the absolute best

  10. Suzie Redfoxfur says:

    I love you guys so damn much. It’s like you read my diary and turned me and my husband’s lives into twisted hilarious little stick figure assholes. Bless your hearts

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