Brexit, Briefly

Brexit, Briefly

Britain is leaving the European Union… or maybe not? Let’s place some odds on what might or might not happen with Brexit.

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20 Responses

  1. Jeremy Morton says:

    “The leader of UKIP resigned” – Nigel Farage was getting death threats *to
    his family* from left-wing loonies, asshole. You could at least mention

  2. Brenden Worrall says:

    i’m shocked to see you of all people doing what amounts to just another
    anti-Brexit fear mongering propaganda piece, first off let me get this
    straight, you’re telling me only 3% of scots have more loyalty to the U.K
    then E.U, are you alright in the head, because this video is making me
    wonder, honestly where the hell do you get that 97% chance of Scotland
    leaving the union number from, is it because 62% of a 67% turnout said
    remain, when 55% of a 84% turnout said no to independence only 2 years ago,
    knowing full well that a E.U Referendum was on the cards, and still they
    voted to stay, despite the knowledge that a Brexit was a real possibility,
    and Northern Ireland joins the republic, not fucking likely, at least not
    without a civil war first

  3. Nick Hall says:

    Pretty biased and negative video. You’ve literally just pulled these odds
    out of thin air.

  4. Alex M says:

    Allow me to be an optimist. The UK joins the European Economic Area. As a
    result of Britain forfeiting her vote & influence in Europe while
    essentially remaining in the EU the pro-integration countries manage to
    forge a United States of Europe which rises from the ashes of the present
    crisis and later becomes a member of United Earth, the predecessor of the
    United Federation of Planets.

  5. Archibald Belanus says:

    I just hope all of the UK will DROWN IN ITS OWN SHIT, because they say that
    us French people smell bad, which is wrong, and it hurts my feeling very
    much. I fart in your general direction !

  6. Shmoo Smith says:

    I have a solution! REVOTE! A ton of people didn’t actually know what they
    were voting for and what would happen if they left.

  7. FanBoy says:

    Please don’t leave us alone with England

  8. Luigi3005 Calcio says:

    I agree with the Scotland and Northern Ireland leaving the U.K idea

  9. risker34 says:

    This is so stupid, when Scotland wanted to leave the UK the EU backed the
    Brits up and said if you leave the UK you leave the EU as well. Then the UK
    decides to leave the EU and now they changed their toon, they’re all “well
    if you leave the UK you can automagically be a full member of the EU
    because fuck the UK”. It doesn’t really matter but this seems like
    something to important to be making decisions simply to spite people.

  10. Jinzo Okami says:

    my god, this is a disaster.
    The U.K. can’t talk shit about our elections anymore, though.

  11. CSR Gaming says:

    You forgot to mention brexit leaders calling their own bullshit mere hours
    after the result. **cough cough** Farage **cough cough**

  12. Ziim says:

    As the German foreign minister said on multiple occasions, Scotland has to
    leave with the rest of Great Britain and then has to reapply for
    membership. Do Scots actually believe the EU would offer them the same
    terms with exceptions, privileges and discounts as they did to the UK? The
    UK was a net contributor with 64 million inhabitans, an independent
    Scotland would be a net recipient with 5.3 million inhabitans. They would
    have to ratify all the EU treaties without exception and they would have to
    introduce the Euro as their currency.

  13. llgla says:

    Isn’t there is a time limit? I read that UK has to leave in 2 years.

  14. JakeVaio says:

    I feel like this was made a few weeks ago because UK finance is doing great

  15. Uninstaller says:

    Dear CGP Gray, I like to protest here, I’ve watched all your videos already
    and there’s nothing else to do. Please make more videos.
    I like to suggest comment about the fact that the USA Supreme Court of
    Justice not only once, but twice make the world laws against the will of
    the American people. Legalizing abortion and gay marriage should be decided
    in a plebiscite not by one guy that wasn’t even elected, but appointed to
    office. (Not giving hate, I’m genuinely upset with this extremely
    undemocratic America we live in) Thank you for making awesome videos.

  16. Roxy Magica says:

    The EU is a sinking ship. It’s a dying idea and Britain should get out now.

  17. Norkan says:

    The politicans dont care about referendums, ESPECIALLY if theyre only
    advisory. Theyre not gonna leave the EU period

  18. Harri Pakosta says:

    If you want to get rid off immigrants, destroying your own economy is a
    good way to go about it.

  19. Elf Friend says:

    Democracy, a fantastic decision making process where regardless of how
    intelligent you are or how consistent and well structured your arguments
    are, you can easily be outvoted by two morons off the street.
    Lets be honest. Democracy kind of sucks when you look at it that way. There
    should be a “minimum education” requirement or something like that.

  20. Kent Padayhag says:

    Just have another referendum including those aged 16+… They are the one
    that will experience UK without being in the EU… The younger generation
    gets to feel the full impact of it…

    Most of the Exit voter were of the older generation (no offence to others
    that voted exit) that will likely not experience much change on their
    lifestyle because they are settled or retired (Well less benifits HAH!)