Brian Kilmeade asks Harris Faulkner if she makes ‘Kool-aid”

Brian Kilmeade asks Harris Faulkner if she makes ‘Kool-aid”

via Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. Gabriel Lorentzson says:

    lemme suck dat duck

  2. KingCetshwayo says:

    Doesn’t he know the wanna be white whore serves whatever they serve?

  3. nomadic8000 says:

    Even her daughter is like wtf

  4. Dave Z says:

    don’t black people love kool-aid though? how is that racist?

    so, you cant say italians love pasta now either? jesus christ… so fucking

  5. April Lamba says:

    WOW, just wow. Look at his smirk and everyone’s confusion. Jackass

  6. CCwads says:

    the guy(yellow tie) face at 0:38 lol white people

  7. Dale F says:

    It might be racist, maybe but it definitely could not have been racist and
    being taken out of context. making a desert with a beverage in the summer
    time. I can see it going both ways

  8. Mike Lowry says:

    Even the guy stood next to him looked at him funny.

  9. DjGhost718 says:

    based on the response by the other two white people, the third should have
    known better–and did.

  10. Brittany Johnson says:

    This nigga said delicious after giving her a kiss and she mentioned ice
    cream saying “I’ve never been specific about the kind” while looking dead
    at him. He wasn’t referring to the pie and she wasn’t referring to the ice
    cream. I guess y’all overlooked that.

  11. Jim says:

    I thought that little girl was adopted at first. She looks nothing like the

  12. Frank Joseph says:

    thats what she gets for appearing on fox news

  13. Doogie H says:

    Proof republicans are idiot racists.

  14. Ragemutt says:

    So why exactly is Kool-aid racist?

  15. xxnike629xx says:

    What a dumb shit.
    Look at that face at the end he’s making.
    He was totally making the “Oh shit, I’m about to get fired.” face..LOL

    “Do you make Kool-Aid?”
    “Do I do what?”
    “Make Kool-Aid…”

    What the heck was this guy thinking?
    I mean it’s fine to be racist if that’s how you were brought up or had a
    bad experience or whatever.
    But you should honestly have the decency to keep that kind of thing to
    yourself and not say or do anything so suggestive/obviously racist like

    Looks like this guy is about to get fired and probably never hired by any
    other news company.

    But then again, this if Fox News so we can’t expect anymore from them,
    More than likely they will edit this footage.
    But it’s on the Internet so we all know it will never really be gone.

  16. Jian Zheng says:

    Racist fucks 5

  17. Afotey Annum says:

    Her daughter’s face @ the 0:39 mark, tho…


  18. Rashan Lawhorne says:

    i would of asked him if Jared and Him are pedo text buddies. fucking racist

  19. G Shock says:

    That was so fucking awkward -.-

  20. jumja 37 says:

    well he is clearly part of the KKK