Bride puts a spell on her groom during first dance

Bride puts a spell on her groom during first dance

Magician Justin Willman gets levitated by his photographer bride Jillian Sipkins in their first dance on Sept. 6, 2015 in Malibu, California.

We made a Drunk History video about how we met:
Watch Justin’s debut Comedy Central special “Sleight of Mouth” here: |
twitter: @Justin_Willman | @JillianSipkins
instagram: @JustinWillman | @JillianSipkins

Choreographed by Sebastien Stella
Thumbnail photo by Frances Iacuzzi Photography
Cell phone video by Joshua Seth
Song: “I put a spell on you” by Screaming Jay Hawkins
Very special thanks to Craig Dickens, Blake Vogt and Enrico de la Vega

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20 Responses

  1. Whitney Green says:

    Her dress is beautiful!!!!

  2. Sam Worth says:

    everything looks so goddamn beautiful!

  3. nb6918 says:

    Now think of the sex that they’re gonna have. #Magical.

  4. Carmen M. says:

    I want that dress

  5. Juanki Hilsaca says:

    Isn’t he the guy that hosts the cupcake wars?

  6. zzMikaelKalelzz says:

    I give it 6 months. Tops.

  7. Chris Liao says:

    amazing couple !! *.* both were great at the dance

  8. OptimistHunter Reel says:

    If someone could legitimately do that with just their body, I wonder what
    muscles you would even be using to stay up like that lol.

  9. Marie Chavez says:


  10. ‫ممدوح فيض‬‎ says:

    very good

  11. DeLaSoul246 says:

    This almost made me believe in love and monogamy! Yay!

  12. Griffin Garcia says:

    so cool
    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
    │▒│ /▒/
    │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

  13. Patricia Vipinosa says:

    This is sooo magical!

  14. OreoDog says:

    This is some Zohan shit

  15. Kelly Bills says:

    So nobody’s supposed to notice the random(rigged) rug on the dance floor?

  16. Candy Harrison says:

    can i please have a link to where she got that gorgeous dress or one like
    it? Im getting married and i really like this look!!!

  17. Crafter Animations (Old. SUB TO NEW CHANNEL!) says:

    That girl is the girl from Galantis- Peanut butter jelly 

  18. * Xxsx_BeSt_xsxX * says:

    2:06 bro it too late to take out your phone……you shouldn’t have whistle
    if you wanted to take a picture xD

  19. Sydney Bailey says:

    Sooo cute???