Brie & Bryan mourn the loss of Josie at her funeral – Total Bellas Exclusive

Brie & Bryan mourn the loss of Josie at her funeral – Total Bellas Exclusive

The Danielsons hold an emotional funeral for their beloved French bulldog, Josie, with friends and family.
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45 Responses

  1. Yana Vlogs says:

    Awww 🥺 sorry for y’all loss Josie was the sweetest puppy ever we all miss her ❤️💗 rip josie

  2. CollinTheSage says:

    I didn’t know she passed I’m sorry for your loss 😭❤💖

  3. Baby Domx says:

    The love you have for your pet, you honestly can’t explain and it was their first ever little baby really! 🥺❤️ love you Jojo! 🐶

  4. ElijahJames says:

    Im so sorry for your loss

    RIP Josie ❤❤🧡❤❤

  5. Shannen Lane says:

    She’s going to have fun with my boys that has passed away I’m sorry u guys love y’all

  6. Devea Goss says:

    I didn’t even know. Fly high Josie!

  7. Jessica Angeles Vlogs says:

    2019?…anyways..dont worry brie even tho josie is gone she will still be part of ur family she will always be there for all of u…dont cry now because i cry when u cry

    • Florence J says:

      The show was filmed in 2019 we’re just now seeing the new episodes

    • Lina says:

      I’m pretty sure she died somewhere in 2019. That’s why it says 2012-2019. They just now showing it to’s prerecorded

    • Jessica Angeles Vlogs says:

      @Lina ohh rlly? Cause i saw this vid earlier bout artem wants nikki to move in and this josie got in it says josie’s unexpected passing shocked everyone but it was just postedd…

    • Lina says:

      @Jessica Angeles Vlogs yup. The episode you saw with Josie, they record in 2019 before she died but just now showing everyone.

  8. Ava Campbell says:

    Brie: is that dog poop
    Bryan: It sure is.

  9. Milagros Figueroa says:

    This just hurts. Like dogs are apart of family and people’s lives and once they pass away it just hurts 💔 I hate it when people say “it’s just a dog” nah it’s more than that y’all just don’t understand

  10. Madiha Ahmed says:

    Josie brought smiles every where she was.Josie will always be the cuties dog I have ever seen forever ❤️She was loved by everyone.Sending lots love 🦋

  11. BANKS CLUB says:

    Its so hard to watch this without crying R.I.P Josie we are gonna miss you ❤❤

  12. Jessica Stewart says:

    Our family mourned the loss of our cat a couple of months ago we still miss him 😢😢❤❤

  13. Marianna Soscia says:

    There will never be another Josie Danielson, she will always be in our Bella Army hearts! ❤🙏😪🐶🐾💐🌸💮🏵🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘➕

  14. nour C.H says:

    Who else was about to cry 😭

    • Nichole John says:

      nour C.H me

    • Tremonti Fan says:

      Me, not only was i about to cry i did. I watched this the other night on tv and when they showed it i cried as if she were mine. Stuff like that tears me up i cry like a baby. I watch total bella’s all the time but i was shocked when i seen that josie had passed away. I’m So sorry Brian and Brie for your loss and may josie rest in peace she was a sweetie pie.🙏🌈❤

    • James Platt says:

      I cried😭😭

  15. lyba thasleem says:

    Josie is still in Brie and Bryan heart and I feel really bad for what happen but josie is in a amazing place and i miss josie to💗🥺

  16. luna says:

    My cat died and I literally wanted to die alongside with her, pets death hurt sooooo much. 😭😭😭😭

  17. Chelsea Stocks says:

    When Brie and Bryan started crying it made me cry 😭😢

  18. Ashish k says:

    1:13 till this moment I thought , Josie is their human baby ..
    But love for dogs are not less than human
    RIP Josie

    • Daniel Stack says:

      Yeah. I don’t think they’d put a baby funeral on their reality show, but it’s still sad. Cute dog.

  19. Dylan Edmunds says:

    I’m So Sorry For Your Loss 🥺 Losing A Pet Is Like Losing A Family Member. Stay Strong Guys

  20. Ricardo Guanipa says:

    Brian: She showed me affection in the way nobody else ever has
    [ Brian’s wife right next to him ]

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