Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel

Brie Larson chats about the success of Captain Marvel, how she ended up with Samuel L. Jackson’s Star Wars light saber and why she kept ribbon dancers and hula hoops on the set of her directorial debut film, Unicorn Store.

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Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel


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72 Responses

  1. Bromodo Dragon says:

    Fallon: You’ve done interviews so well!

    • Bromodo Dragon says:

      +PlayfulMyth18 Nah most people I talked to admitted they’re only seeing it so they don’t miss anything important, not because they wanted to.

    • Look Lat says:

      Shes weird af

    • Cecelia M says:

      Yeah, that’s just because people are making up crap and pretending she said it. She’s done well. This press tour would be grueling for anyone. Constant jet lag, barely any sleep, never ending pressure, and people jumping down your throat with the slightest misstep or thing they can misinterpret or twist.
      But the trolls can eat it, Captain Marvel grossed over a billion dollars. Even most other Marvel movies did not do that well. She did just fine on the press tour.

    • Val Aron says:

      The cast doesn’t hate her. Only the white men crybabies who still live in mommy’s basement, lol.

    • Bromodo Dragon says:

      +Cecelia M All I’m saying is none of the other cast members have generated this much hatred so she’s done something wrong lmao

  2. SweetBRO&SIS says:

    Iron Man 1 – “I am Iron Man.”
    Avengers: Endgame – “I am Iron Man.”

  3. Pablo gomez says:

    No spoilers

    Just prepare to cry your eyes out today, seriously

  4. Paul T Sjordal says:

    Spoiler: the Puppetmaster isn’t a programmer, he’s a PROGRAM!

    Wait, I think I just spoiled the wrong movie.

  5. Neil Madhood says:

    Thanos is gay in Endgame

  6. clickonmike says:

    Only got to watch Brie Larson because of her haters. Gotten to really like her, thanks haters.

    • Castiel Arc7 says:

      +marioozzie Samuel gets along with her…the avengers…ehhhh clearly not

    • Castiel Arc7 says:

      +aheumedivirtoXD she is clearly smug and egotistical. She clearly thinks she is the best of the cast. Neither Chris nor don seem to like her the entire interview. Brie legit stated at one point “I feel like we’ve been fighting all day” after Chris stated he could beat her as thor. Renner looked like his soul had departed his body being next to her. She openly started she uses her platform for political stances and Renner took the high ground stating he just wants to entertain. Brie is despicable because her personality is absolute shit and her enthusiasm in interviews despite being an actor come off very forced. There’s not really much to like. Hell even the director stated they had her hold back on acting emotional in the movie intentionally because a female lead super hero should be logical and not express emotions much. Wow…way to kill any relatability. Kills the human aspect of the character instantly. Plus she has zero character arc.

    • alex bartel says:

      Ur a troll

    • imay says:

      +Castiel Arc7 yes, i think their jokes are completely normal, mostly dry humor and sarcastic comments from both hemsworth and larson. i dont see any problem, iam not some weird people who check their eyebrows movement, or even their hands, and body. lol.

  7. Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth says:

    I look at the title and I think… *_”HOW THE F***…?!!?”_*

  8. Ayeitskrista says:

    “Jimmy thinks I did a great job mom” she’s the best

  9. Jeremy Johnson says:

    The lightsaber Samuel L. showed Brie was actually a gift from George Lucas.

  10. Psychotiik says:

    Who’s “hey google” activated on their android @6:51?

  11. JAPP John Andrew Patrick Peters says:

    Amazing how they can pump out these Marvel movies, yet it has been over 9 years and we are still waiting for Avatar 2 FFS

    • Felipe Ferreira says:

      +Dirty Dan if you want the same history of the comic bools just read them again, they did a way better job with the character development and writing than in 99% of comic books

    • Felipe Ferreira says:

      I mean, no one is really waiting to see avatar… That movie is not that great, it only made sucess because of the 3D marketing, the director, etc. If you ask someone that watched avatar to say 3 names of characters almost no one will be able to answer

    • Mr Sniper1730 says:

      Cause they have like 5 more sequels i mean im excited but also scared 😂 like will they be better or worse

    • J. Brujo says:

      Because nobody cares about avatar. Hahahha.

  12. Rana M says:

    I watched Endgame yesterday and i am going through comment sections reporting spoilers :’)

  13. Kart G says:

    She shouldn’t be in the MCU imo. She did a great job but her character is like a cheat code in a boss fight.

  14. I’m Here says:

    I was going to start scrolling the comments and then remembered why I shouldn’t.
    Not today. Not today.

  15. John Duckworth says:

    The first word spoken in Endgame is ‘the’ and is repeated numerous times in the movie. Spoiler!

    Milwaukee finally filtered their water supply and got rid of all the lead and crytosporidium, but thankfully it still contains 5.6% alcohol.

  16. J. S. says:



    • Alexo Skykasl says:

      They built the time machine. Ironman snapped the gauntlet and Thanos went dust this time.
      T.Stark died. Before Tony’s snap he said “I’m Ironman”, that’s the second time he said since the Iron man 1.
      Black widow died.
      Iron man’s funeral and his last message scene will make you cry, only if you are emotional person.
      First two hour is kinda Meh-vel. Only the last hour of the film brings you the actions with bad CGI. Movie was 5/10.
      And fuck those people who shouting ” don’t spoil”. This is just a movie, not your entire future.

    • Ali Rahman says:

      Alexo Skykasl Damn, wtf… You people literally got no life. If you read the comics, you’d know how important almost every part of the dialogue is. Also, you think spoiling is nothing? When someone is about to go watch a movie, they’re obviously hyped up for it. If you spoil it for them, then where’s the fun? That messes up everything. I necessarily don’t care about spoilers, but spoiling people that don’t like to be spoiled will just destroy the enjoyment.

    • peculiar boast but alas says:

      Osama Al Farsi I’ve already seen the movie but why are you telling people that haven’t seen the movie spoilers about the movie? Like what do you gain out of it? Don’t ruin the experience for other fans asshole

    • peculiar boast but alas says:

      Alexo Skykasl ok but why do you want to spoil the movie for others?

    • Naevak Narakeesas says:

      +Osama Al Farsi fuck u

  17. ricewins says:

    Saw Endgame two days ago. And I gotta say, YOU WILL NEED TO SEE IT AT LEAST TWICE

  18. Muhammad Hussain says:

    I don’t wanna spoil the movie for you.
    But I’m gonna say
    I loved it 3000

  19. T.S. Frowiss says:

    Beware: spoilers in the comments. Scroll at your own risk.

  20. WileyCoyote69 says:

    Counting down until the “Brie Larson hates all men, eats babies, and worships the Devil” Trolling starts… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

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