Bright green shooting star / meteor, San Antonio, TX, 08 NOV 2014 dashcam

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NO AUDIO. Driving west on Hausman road in San Antonio TX, we captured this on our car’s dash camera. Note, time clock on video is off by an hour due to recent daylight savings time change, this happened at about 8:43-44 PM (or 20:43-44, not 21:##). Not sure what this was, but it was very bright and slightly green in color to our eyes.

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18 Responses

  1. Michael Silva says:

    I saw this and i live in California

  2. ryan parker says:

    I’ve seen this exact same thing before while driving through Texas back in

  3. wow29103 says:

    Era veggeta llegando a la tierra en su nave espacial :’)

  4. ds7483 says:

    I was in bed almost fell out of it lol .big flash and the power went out
    for a sec or two ..does anyone know exactly where it hit im on the nw side
    of san antonio near lion vally.

  5. ItWasFunnierInMyHead says:

    we saw a tiny piece flare over kansas city near that time frame 

  6. Courtney Page says:

    Really cool

  7. Vape hunter says:

    Saw it yesterday directly above my car. An amazing sight!!

  8. Isaac Dehoyos says:

    Totally saw this last night! I was so excited that I saw it in person. No
    one else around me

  9. John Stevenson says:

    I saw this in San Francisco. I was looking up just at the right moment. It
    was phat!! Had no idea so many others saw it

  10. themrjohnl says:


  11. Swood94 says:

    The first time I saw one of these it scared the shit out of me hahahaha

  12. Eduardo Flores says:

    en dos semanas he visto tres meteoritos junto con otros amigos, el primero
    fué el 30 de oct como a las 11.10pm el martes 4 de Nov como a las 8:30pm
    y este del sabado 9 de noviembre cerca de las 10pm, alguien vió los otros
    dos ¨?

  13. tj baby says:

    Cue the “X-Files music”

  14. CountryBredJedi says:

    from yahoo! news of japan!

  15. Justin bustin says:

    I see those often right when the seasons change to being cold. Not as great
    as this one, but i have seen such. Always more likely happens when it gets
    cold at night in the fall time. I work 3nd and 2nd shift. Thats when i
    notice them the most.

  16. LollipopMissfit says:

    That happens alot in Texas. It’s one of the things I miss the most. The
    night sky.

  17. Jill Johnson says:


  18. Cotillion says:

    The aliens have landed…the invasion is beginning.