Brighton v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/20/2020 | NBC Sports

Brighton v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/20/2020 | NBC Sports

Neal Maupay’s stoppage-time goal lifted Brighton to a stunning victory over Arsenal. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Brighton #Arsenal
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Brighton v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 6/20/2020 | NBC Sports

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85 Responses

  1. Timothy Filipiuk says:

    Imagine being an Arsenal fan. Couldn’t be me

  2. Tosh Martin says:

    Why did I want the season to come back

  3. The Resistance says:

    Bernd Leno needs to find a better club

  4. football 206 says:

    Being an arsenal fan is actually unhealthy to the human body .

  5. Nick Bateman says:

    Rough restart for the gunners

  6. Claude TV says:

    Arsenal losing twice in the same week? Things are returning to normal

  7. david says:

    this is just sad now

  8. Arsenal Fc says:

    I should get paid for supporting you.

  9. drsamw pepper says:

    Fifa 21 difficulties
    World class

  10. Yabu Great says:

    Corona Changed everything but Arsenal 😂😂

  11. Sam Wheeler says:

    Honestly, I feel bad for arsenal fans.

  12. Chidozie Osuji says:

    This team doesn’t deserve to have Leno as a goalkeeper and now that he’s gone it’s gonna be a reality

    • Sevian Medina says:

      ArjenRobben Mr.Wembley I’m a Barca fan so yes you’re right about that

    • Drick Beats says:

      Steeve Cantave it was Mustafi and Luiz who threw away the game against Chelsea

    • Carlton mujem says:

      Javier Landaverde that’s so sad 😞. Hate it when players get injured, an unfortunate part of the sport

    • T Man says:

      He had a great first half vs city

    • Steeve Cantave says:

      @Drick Beats That’s not true. You’re mixing up the games. The second game at Stamford Bridge ended in a tie, where Luiz got a red card due to a Mustafi mistake. In the first game, Arsenal were up 1-0 and weren’t giving Chelsea a sniff until Leno whiffed on an indirect free kick that led to a Jorginho tap in. Arsenal then got caught on the counter to lose the game.

  13. Ozumṣauce says:

    1990’s: The same old Arsenal, winning every game.

    2010’s: The same old Arsenal, losing every game.

    2020’s: *Arsenal fans questioning why they even support this club*

  14. Ozumṣauce says:

    A few days ago: *Agent Luiz to the rescue*

    Today: *Agents Mustafi & Kolasinac to the rescue*

    • Gaming 6FeetUnder says:

      You’re totally wrong bud. It’s all by Agent Kroenke and Agent Arteta.

    • Babushka’s Mayonez says:

      @Gaming 6FeetUnder blame the players as well, they have no passion or anything for this club. Kroenke is a joke and Arteta has become a fraud but don’t forget the players

    • Oliver Ortiz says:

      @Gaming 6FeetUnder you can’t take Arsenal out of Arsenal bro

    • Gaming 6FeetUnder says:

      @Babushka’s Mayonez  Oliver Ortiz  bring back Henry, as arrogant and cocky he is, we need his mentality of being world’s number one. The good ole days with Pires, Gilberto Dennis.

    • Quavious Tre’davious says:

      Y’all are a bunch of dumbasses bro. How are u gonna say it’s Arteta’s fault when it’s clearly the players

  15. Alex Meredith says:

    When you type in “Brighton 2-1 Arsenal” you have to put in the date

  16. j kappler says:

    Disappointed mostly with the fact that no one stood up for their keeper. He was the one who ended up having to say something. He got hit and injured and everyone just stood and watched.

    • Plumo plumo says:

      I mean it’s not the 90’s or early 2000’s. Nowadays doing what it takes to “stand up” to an opponent just gets you sent off/ suspended, then you’re out of favor in the squad and lose your spot. It’s on the ref, who should have been swift in punishing the dirty move immediately.

    • j kappler says:

      @Plumo plumo you’re not wrong. The ref wasn’t great in that situation. He let a lot go. However as a team in today’s age you can’t just Sergio Ramos them bitches. Its more about the mental outcome. You just went down on a stupid challenge. Player should have got a yellow. You get hurt and your team just stands around and waits for your sub. Leno deserves better than that. He suffers enough stat wise bc of the people in front of him. How long until this kinda stuff kills his mental attitude as someone who wants to take shots for these players.

    • halil djencic says:

      j kappler I absolutely agree with you the ref wasn’t great and not only that situation but more then that (maybe EPL referees should go for eye test, because it’s happening a lot) And there’s no need to do something stupid and get sent off , because you will get punished and the team suffers, maybe I feel this way as an Arsenal fan but they get damaged by the referees more then others!

    • Carlos Solis says:


    • TheManlyManMan says:

      temporary new rules mean teams get punished for big grouping-togethers or w/e e.g. swarming the ref, fights, etc

  17. Nishant Singh says:

    Arsenal FC is actually a well thought out social experiment.

  18. Polo Escobar says:

    8:11 my man next to verizon logo for sure hates being an arsenal fan

  19. Arib Khan says:

    The guy on the zoom call praying they keep the lead😂😂

  20. Flaco Alvarenga says:

    Are we going to ignore the fact that Dani Ceballos almost ended a mans career😭 at 7:14

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