Bring Me The Horizon – MANTRA (Official Audio)

Bring Me The Horizon – MANTRA (Official Audio)

Do you wanna start a cult with me?
I’m not vibrating like I oughta be
I need a purpose, I can’t keep surfing
Through this existential misery
Now, we are going to need some real estate
But if I choose my words carefully
Think I could fool you that I’m the guru
Wait, how do you spell epiphany?

Before the truth will set you free
It’ll piss you off
Before you find a place to be
You’re gonna lose the plot
Too late to tell you now
One ear and right out the other one
Because all you ever do is chant the same old mantra

Could I have your attention please
It’s time to tap in to your tragedy
Think you could use a new abuser
Close your eyes and listen carefully
Imagine you’re stood on a beach
Water gently lapping at your feet
But now your sinking
What were you thinking?
That’s all the time we have this week

And I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense
But do you really wanna think all by yourself now?
All I’m asking for’s a little bit of faith
You know it’s easy to believe
And I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense
Y’know you gotta work the corners of your mind now
All I’m asking for’s a little bit of faith
You know it’s easy to, so easy to believe

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82 Responses

  1. YourWorstNightmare says:

    They back KURWA!!!

  2. _.zoe1701 ._ says:

    The Song ist okay, but it’s really soft . I hope the next Songs will be harder !

  3. Guillemf08 says:

    Come to Spain🙏🏻🇪🇸

  4. Domrony says:

    Count your Blessings and Sempiternal are the best for me, but I like BMTH’s courage for change. And this song is pretty good to be honest!

  5. Punk Demon 85 says:

    It’s alright

    Not particularly feeling it but don’t hate it either

  6. Black Night says:

    I wanna start a cult with you guys🖤🤘🏻

  7. Вечный says:

    *лучше бы мне насрали в утреннюю кашу*

  8. Michele Sama says:


  9. Jack Hanna says:

    I’ve been waiting nearly THREE years man and it was worth the wait

  10. MetalManiac says:

    To anyone who is still complaining about their new sound get fucking over it and listen to another band or their old albums. They will probably never go back to deathcore/metalcore and i don’t care because there is so much music out there i can listen to. It’s not like BMTH is the only band out there lol. If you wanna listen to deathcore then listen to deathcore, if you wanna listen to metalcore then go listen to metalcore or try out a whole new metal genre or music genre in general. Don’t be so close minded and try out some new music you might end up liking it or don’t and keep listening to what you like.

    • Dustin French says:

      hahahahahahahahahaha, metal elitism has crept its way into genericore now? i love it!

    • Ross Henderson says:

      That is the most ridiculous paragraph I’ve seen on YouTube for a while.

    • Pupi Dominguez says:

      Really dude? Saying they got softer “for girls” to like them? Bitch pls, I’ve seen girls go harder in a pit than some dudes… This is literally such a stupid comment to make, as if there weren’t any girls doing heavier music or who listen to heavier music.
      Bands evolve, get the fuck over it and move on. They’ve said it back when they released Suicide season, that if they kept doing deathcore, they would be stucked and they wanted to grow up and change. GET OVER IT GODDAMN IT, YOU’RE ALL SUCH A BUNCH OF CRYBABIES. Go listen to old BMTH if it makes you feel more masculine.

    • kavesh velloo says:

      I’m sorry but this is generic. I’m expecting more from BMTH. Nothing is interesting in this song. If you want to listen to a good alt rock band, listen to Good Tiger.

    • Steven Martinez says:

      Correct. Bands do need to evolve. BMTH’s evolution just doesn’t do it for me, but it does for others. I probably won’t be listening to their new stuff if it sounds like this, but I’m not mad about it. No one is forced to listen to anything lol. Thrice definitely had the type of evolution I prefer though. Both Thrice and BMTH got softer, but to me it just fits Thrice better. Once again that is my opinion and if I’m the minority that’s fine too.

  11. xMiM3RT says:

    I was waiting for this! 🔥

  12. Aleks Daredevil says:

    Twenty One Horizon

  13. Music in Heart says:

    Por fin música buena en las tendencias!!

  14. Victoria Feliz says:

    omg Peep is back from death

  15. K3LLYJ0 says:

    Shit okay… tell you what 1:31-1:36 i honestly needed that…caught me off guard didn’t expect it at all! Which weirdly made me actually love this song alot more👌👌

  16. OneDreamQueen says:

    IT’S BEEN AGES SINCE WE GOT MUSIC IM SO HAPPY and i love this sound and lyrics oof the legend jumped out yet again

  17. katofrie says:

    I’m so proud of Oli for how much his voice improved! His high notes actually sound really good ^^ And even when he sings live, he’s killing it!!

  18. Daniel Rodrigues says:


  19. Jakub Brabec says:

    Best part 0:00 – 3:55

  20. evilkniefel says:

    The problem is not that it’s no death or metalcore anymore. The Problem is that the instrumental is weak. Lyrics are great though. Ollie is just talented like that. The rest of it though sounds like it could air on radio and that kinda mainstream is not a good thing, atleast for people being fond of their own music taste.

    • Erin Finnegan says:

      If you want good metal core, bands like Architects, While She Sleeps (another local band to where Bring Me The Horizon are from) and Bury Tomorrow would be great. They’re all some of my faves

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