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21 Responses

  1. amelia lamb says:

    This made me so happy.

    Maisy=Christmas queen

  2. Leopard Gecko says:

    I mean this in the cutest possible way, they both have little ‘elf ears’ 🥺🥰 so adorable

  3. Nicole Holmberg says:

    Crying along with Colleen for 16 minutes has never felt better. I’m so glad they’re both home and healthy and happy! I love Wesley’s little elf ears!

  4. sauce says:

    i had such a strong feeling that she would make it home in time for Christmas, WE LOVE YOU COLLEEN. You, Eric, and your babies are so strong and wonderful. You inspire me everyday to keep pushing, thank you so much i’m so happy you’re happy. Flynn is such an amazing big brother.

  5. Chiara B says:

    I can’t believe how Maisy looks so alike Flynn and Erik, she is a mini Flynn. And she looks bigger than her twin. She is just perfection!

  6. Melissa May says:

    FLYNN’S REACTION TO SEEING HIS LITTLE SISTER IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN!🥺😭 “SHE HAS A HEADBAND😮” LIKE HE WAS THINKING HE’S WEARING ONE TOO AND IT WAS MEANT TO BE❤️Honestly both of his siblings and your beautiful, finally healthy two little ones home for Christmas is perfect in every way and I send you and your super strong family, friends, the docs & nurses (extra shoutout to Sarah!) the best holiday wishes and the happiest new year Colleen! I knew you could do it mama!!!🥰❣️

  7. Anne-Marie Millet says:

    Colleen smiling up at the camera was one of the most beautiful sights ever, til I saw Gwen’s smile holding her precious babies too! So relieved and happy as can be for you all!!!!

  8. Aliyah g says:

    I cried at you saying “look, I can dance!” The pure joy on your face while you and your daughter finally got to move around freely! Most wholesome moment ever!

  9. sheena kalra says:

    Maisy’s hand when you picked her up was EXACTLY like how you would describe her after your sono’s. It’s funny how both Wesley and Maisy have that characteristic intact even now. Much love and best wishes to your family ❤️

  10. Soulgarden says:

    10:21 I really appreciate Eric talking about his experience with the nicu. I think fathers often don’t talk about their feelings regarding their children or feelings in general and it’s so sad. It’s really heart warming to hear a man talking about crying and just allowing himself to feel all the feelings. This is what generations of feminism fought for. I’m so happy your kids will have such incredible parents.

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