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34 Responses

  1. Alexa Rose says:

    Flynn giving that confused look at the camera when his parents were talking about how he could teach Wesley about colours and numbers because he sees Colleen do it sometimes has me rolling on the floor laughing and crying at the same time 😭😭

  2. Leopard Gecko says:

    Maisey is going to come home on Christmas Day, she’s like hold my baubles, I’ve arrived 💁🏻‍♀️

    • Taylin Metcalfe says:

      @Elizabeth Sarah I know your religion is probably different than most peoples (mine included) but the reason some people celebrate Christmas is because it’s Jesus’ birthday. Easter is when he resurrected after his death by crucifixion. So please don’t be shaming people for “forgetting” that he wasn’t born on Christmas because for a lot of people he was in fact born on Christmas. I’m not trying to shame your religion by saying that, I am just trying to make you realize that you could be shaming people for something that they believe is true.

    • Lauren Baker says:

      Jesus isn’t God. God is jesus. God is all of the Trinity so he is Jesus but since Jesus is also the HUMAN son of God he is not technically God.

    • Bubby707 says:

      I think Christmas EVE would be better, comes home, and get to have christmas morning and everything as a family

    • Joy Renee says:

      Omg she would

    • Ambrea101 says:

      Omg, I watch you all the time. Your videos are the best.

  3. Sophie says:

    This made me so emotional! So happy Wesley is home, and can’t imagine being torn in two directions like you are right now, but this too shall pass. Praying for your beautiful family that you’re all together at home for Christmas ❤️🎄

  4. Bangtan Kitty says:

    Flynn looking at the camera like he’s in The Office after Eric was listing all the things he would have to teach Wesley was so funny lol.

    • Eli D says:

      That kiddo is beyond adorable!

    • yo mama says:

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    • Betsy B says:

      i laughed out loud at that part LMAOOO

    • Y0uW0uLdntD0wnL0adACar says:

      I DIED 🤣🤣😂

    • Tesia Wooten says:

      He even did it like Miranda 🤣

  5. Ashley Neff says:

    Had triplets that came home at three different times. One at 6 days. One at 3 weeks and 1 a day short of a month. Although I know how super blessed I was that they came home relatively fast and had a pretty uncomplicated stay. It’s still hard. It still feels like forever in the moment. I feel like everyone told me how it was so nice that I was able to ease into things with bringing them home separately,but honestly that was the last thing I wanted to hear. All I wanted was to be home with all my babies at once, no matter how difficult it would or wouldn’t be. I was blessed to be able to bring my babies back with me everyday to visit the one/ones still in the hospital. It’s hard and people ask or comment “I don’t know how you do it” or “how do you do it” but honestly…you just do it. Somehow it all works out, you figure it out. I pray you are able to enjoy the time with Wesley home but also find peace in knowing you are doing your best for all your little ones. I could reassure you that youe ladybug will be home soon enough, But you know this, I’m sure everyone has said it, has reminded you she is in great hands. You know everything will be OK, but sometimes it just stinks. It’s not what you want, and you are aloud to cry and your aloud to be sad, and your aloud to be happy all at the same time!

  6. Gabrielle Oana says:

    Hi Colleen, I’m a twin mom, my girls were born at 31 weeks and although they came home at the same time, it was because my husband and I did everything we could to make that happen (it was a different story from yours but I still understand what you’re going through). One of my girls had to have surgery in a whole different hospital 4 days after she was born due to the fact that both of them were born anemic but one of them developed a hole in the colon because there wasn’t enough “blood” to help her digestive system work perfectly (when there’s a limited blood supply, the human body will prioritize the brain and the heart before the digestive system) and it was the hardest day of my life. I had just came home from the hospital after the c-section without them. They had to let the hole heal and so they made a ileostomy (an opening in the belly made to move waste out). I understand how you feel because I had one baby in the hospital they were born, and the other one needing surgery in a different one specialized in infant surgery an hour away. So we visited both of them everyday and spent 3-5 hours on the road depening on how many times we visited them and it was so hard to leave them. She was there for a week and then she was brought by her sister’s side but knowing they didn’t have eachother during those times was heartbreaking. I said me and my husband made sure they would come home together because they told us they were going to keep my baby girl who had surgery in the NICU until she could have the other surgery needed to put everything in place and remove the ileostomy so they could take care of the opening and change the bags and keep the opening healthy. But I said absolutely not and I learned to take care of all of that and my husband too, so well that the nurses said we did a better job than they did. My baby girl did an amazing job recovering from the surgery and learning to eat without the feeding tube almost as fast as her sister, only one day later so we brought our babies home at the same time, 5 weeks and one day after they were born. She had the ileostomy removal surgery 2 months later (It was delayed due to the pandemic and I’m still traumatized by the surgery and recovery process, plus having to be there with her alone but everything went very well, because she’s my superhero). So all of this to say that I know what it feels like to have newborn babies in different places but I could go through it and everything is great now so you can too incredible mama.

  7. Christina Houser says:

    Really praying that your baby girl comes home for Christmas, she would be the best gift! Great to see Wesley home, happy and healthy. Wishing you and your family all the best! Hang in there mama

  8. Sheryl and Fam says:

    My birthday is December 22 so that seems like a good day for her to come home! My brother’s is December 21 if you want her to come home sooner. Haha And my sister’s birthday is December 25. Just praying she comes home before Christmas!! So Happy Wesley is home!!!

  9. Melinda Lee says:

    I just want to hug you Colleen, I can’t imagine the roller coaster that these weeks have been for you and your family. Im so glad there are NICU mom’s out there with comments for you. I can’t help with those, but will send prayers and positive thoughts for health and strength for All of you.

  10. Señoritas Top's says:


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